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Sell your products for a one-off fee. Accept online payments securely via your site. List unlimited number of products and categories.

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Online store design

Just need something simple to sell products online?

Our Ecommerce sites are responsive, feature-rich and give you a solid foundation to build upon. Below you’ll find the pages we include with our Ecommerce packages.

Online store design - Home page icon

Home page

Every website needs a home page, it’s the first page visitors land on when they visit your domain name.

Online store design - Product pages icon

Product pages

This is where you provide your product detail, including the price and an add to cart button.

Online store design - Category pages icon

Category pages

These pages list the individual products available for purchase, usually displaying an image and price.

Online store design - Shopping cart icon

Shopping cart

This is the page that allows users to see a summary of the products they have added to their basket.

Online store design - Checkout page icon

Checkout page

This is the page where your users enter their personal details and pay for their products.

Online store design - Confirmation page icon

Confirmation page

This is the page you display after your clients have successfully paid for their products.

Online store design - Privacy policy icon

Privacy policy

This is where you tell website users how you will process their personal data and comply with GDPR.

Online store design - Terms & conditions icon

Terms & conditions

This is where you tell customers about the terms and conditions relating to the sale of your products.

Store features to include…

Online store design - Product variables icon

Product variables

Offer product variations (e.g. size, colour etc) with control over prices, stock, image, and more.

Online store design - Stock management icon

Stock management

Keep track of stock levels, notifications via email, hide out-of-stock items and more.

Online store design - Payment options icon

Payment options

Accept Paypal, credit / debit card payments, Apple Pay and bank transfer via your store.

Online store design - Shipping costs icon

Shipping costs

Offer free shipping, a flat rate, international pricing, or local delivery & pickup.

Online store design - Product reviews icon

Product reviews

Enable or disable the ability for people to leave product reviews on products in your store.

Online store design - Discount codes icon

Discount codes

Choose from fixed value or percentage off coupons. Set a date a coupon should expire.

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