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Web design Warrington

Taste Nation are an FMCG distributor based in Warrington.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their brands and services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design Warrington
Web Design Warrington

Web design Warrington

Taste Nation are an FMCG distributor based in Warrington.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their brands and services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Warrington

Helping to bring the world’s best food to every corner of the globe.

For over 20 years, TasteNation have been the go-to consultancy, project management, and import/export team for brand owners in the FMCG sector.

Operating across a huge range of food & drink categories, TasteNation know what they’re talking about when it comes to the world of efficient FMCG (phew!)

And, working with the likes of TGI Fridays, Slush Puppie, and Street Kitchen, they’ve built a reputation for reliability.

Whilst we let them get on with what they do best, it’s time to talk about how their website came to be. Our client approached us looking for a brochure style website where they could display their amazing services and help spread the good word.

Have a read below to discover how our design wizards produced something special.

Design & Interface

When it comes to producing beautiful, cutting-edge (and affordable!) websites for our clients, design plays a huge part.

You may already know that customers generally form that first, vital impression of a website within 8 seconds. We also know that more and more people are using their mobile devices to consume information and find answers to their queries.

With these two simple facts comes one very important result: the case for appealing and actionable web design has never been clearer.

So, getting started with building a website that wows, we began with the visuals. Visiting this website, you’ll appreciate how forward-looking, positively relaxed, and user-friendly it is. A lot of this lends itself to the design – namely the colour palette, font, and illustrations.

And there’s no better way than to project professional creativity than with pastels. For TasteNation, we’ve gone with a pastel blue (7fb4c4) as the dominant palette. This colour is also reflected in the company logo, and serves as the hover colour on all website links.

Working against the crisp white background, the pastel blue and a clean Montserrat font pair nicely in creating just the right kind of digital presence for our client looking to work with inspiring and vibrant food brands.

Across the whole website, brilliant design also takes the form in gorgeous illustrations, icons, and high-quality images to give it the added modernism it deserves.

Without all this great design, though, the interface wouldn’t nearly be as powerful. That’s because our Warrington web designers have worked to marry the two together to build a website that not only looks good, but performs as expected.

Whether it’s the sticky header, simple navigation, or presenting content that’s digestible and appealing, interface here means bringing everything our client represents and putting it on a plate (pun intended) for audiences.


Successful business websites are ones that can bring useful, engaging, and shareable content to its users’ screens. Whether yours is a blog about coffee or an eCommerce website selling paperclips – content matters more than ever in an age where competition has never been so great.

Visiting our client’s website, you’ll notice how, when content is needed, it’s concise, informative, and appealing. In this sense, content is actionable and has a purpose.

Keeping your audience in the know of updated content is good for them and it’s good for Google. With this you can achieve two things. On the one hand, you are providing a cyclical provision of refreshing content. And on the other, you are letting Google know there are new pages to index.  And that’s good for SEO.

Like our client, having a ‘What’s new’ page means you have a dedicated reservoir of content that users have a reason to return to your website for.

Social Proof

And all this works perfectly in driving your social proof strength. Social proof means authenticating your overall presence. It could be through testimonials, customer reviews, and even social media follower numbers. It’s anything that lets users know that you’re a popular choice with consumers just like them. And, as word-of-mouth is the strongest form of promotion, getting your social proof right needs to be a high priority.

On this website, we’ve included ‘Our Clients’ and ‘Our Customers’ pages that displays all the well-loved brands that TasteNation have worked with. By including this, we’re able to boost our client’s position in the market!

Last but by no means least, an informal ‘Get in Touch’ page will make it easier than ever for customers to submit all kinds of questions they might have. Making yourself open to your audience is a great way to improve your authenticity and personalise your service even more.

Affordable web designers in Warrington

We’re a bunch of web designers making dreams come true. For our client based in Warrington, we designed a low-cost, high-quality site that took their business and gave it a digital presence you can’t say no to.

From front to back, the website we produced contains intelligent design, an engaging user interface, and other design features that place visitors at its heart.

Taste Nation, from Warrington, Cheshire, are an FMCG distributor. To you and me, that means distributing delicious groceries to shops up and down the UK. Without these guys, our weekly shop would be meaningless.

In their website design brief, they wanted a low-cost, professional, and sleek brochure style site to easily display all their FMCG services. So, we did what we do best: we designed a website that ticked all the boxes.

Now that they have a finished website, all their clients in Warrington – and afar – can easily locate their FMCG services and get in touch. Businesses that have websites are proven to gain far more online exposure than those without. And with more exposure comes more leads. With more opportunities to do business, you know what that means.

That’s what we’re all about here – crafting beautiful websites that allow you to make the most out of your business every day. Because, like you, we value the value we bring to customers.

So, if you’re based in Warrington looking for a local web design company that offers cheap web design, then you have come to the right place.

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