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Web design Telford

Heavenly Wedding Belles is a wedding shop based in Telford.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Telford
Web Design Telford

Web design Telford

Heavenly Wedding Belles is a wedding shop based in Telford.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Telford

Inspiring design for the big day.

When Deborah Marks popped the question in our design inbox, we could hardly say no.

It goes without saying. Weddings are truly a magical occasion for everyone involved, but more so for the bride. There are so many things to think about – and choosing the right kind of bridal gown is a massive process from start to finish.

That’s where our lovely client Deborah comes in. Building up years of experience in the wedding industry, Deborah is able to offer a tailored, personalised service to all her clients right up to and including the big day.

With a beautiful range of bridal gowns available for selection, Heavenly Wedding Belles are the boutique every bride deserves. And it doesn’t stop there. Deborah also manages Heavenly Photography, as well as maintaining very close ties with other small businesses that provide bespoke, memorable services.

The end result is a service for clients that places them at the heart along every step of the way – because who doesn’t want that for a wedding?

Having an online presence is a fantastic opportunity for you and your business to get ahead. When Deborah approached us to design an amazing website that reflected everything Heavenly Wedding Belles encompasses, we knew what we had to do.

Have a read of this case study to find out more about how we went from design brief to digital boutique.


Design for this website had to tick all the right boxes from a visitor point of view. We wanted to open this space up and invite visitors in, and communicate the very values our client holds close.

What helped us to do this was an amazing, width-to-width slider that introduced visitors to the brand in a professional, sleek manner. We’re also able to show off our client’s mission more by placing the ‘find out more’ CTA to the right of the slider.

But if anything was to allow us to curate a design that was brilliantly simple, it was the colour palette. This silvery white scheme is everything a bridal boutique should be, and works wonders for oozing sophistication from every page. Voila!

If we wanted to communicate the right kinds of values as soon as customers landed on the homepage, we knew this logo had to be magical. And it is. What better way to say bridal boutique than a lovely, handwritten cursive typeface?

UI – User Interface

For us at Red Website Design, constructing an intuitive user interface is what allows visitors to interact with your website in an intelligent, fulfilling way. You’ll notice this website is simple to use, engaging, and responsive – everything a website should be.

With a sticky navigation bar (next to a handy contact CTA number), customers are able to stay connected with this brand all the way through their journey.

From the ‘Our Services’ dropdown, users can also benefit from being able to locate everything they need – all in one place.

User interface is all about simplifying the journey, and being there to fulfil the needs and wants of the customer. All pages are easily accessible on this website, with relevant CTA buttons there for when they need them most.

Let your services do the talking

By adding a gallery and testimonials/reviews page, you can transform your brand perception and spread the word. This kind of social proofing is absolutely priceless for your marketing strategies. Not only can visitors learn more about the products you offer, but they can see how beneficial they are to customers.

In the case of Heavenly Wedding Belles, you’ll notice a ‘browse our gallery’ on every page of this website. It helps to bring this brand to life, and breaks up chunks of text perfectly.


Across our client’s digital space, the content is engaging, accessible, and places the visitor at the heart of the experience.

And by including a blog, they’re also able to become leading experts in the industry as well as a go-to for engaging, relevant content.

How does our web design process work?


You’ll submit your web design brief via a simple online form.


We’ll send over your initial draft within 5-10 working days.


You’ll request changes and send over your final content.


We’ll get your site live and let Google know you exist.

Affordable website designers in Telford

Phew! After all that, we reckon some of you are dreaming of tying the knot.

For several years, our client has been helping their clients’ dreams come true.

With bespoke, beautifully made wedding dresses, Heavenly Wedding Belles needs to be at the top of your list if you need a bridal gown.

Now that we’ve seen how our web designers have built a wedding shop for our client, it’s now time to talk about how we can help your Telford business succeed with a cheap website from Red Website Design.

Since 2011, we’ve been providing cheap web design services to businesses in and around Telford. And it’s not just wedding eCommerce websites our web designers have been building.

We’ve been busy building construction services websites, fashion eCommerce websites, and confectionary websites to name just a few!

And, for our Telford client, we made a gorgeous brochure website fit for a wedding services company looking to get ahead of the competition.

And the story is the same for businesses in and around Telford, too.

We know that getting ahead of your competition isn’t easy, but with a low-cost, high-quality website, you will do your business loads of favours.

For starters, customers will be able to find you. And with a sleek, client-focused web interface, you’ll be able to bring your products closer to customers – easier than ever.

Having a business website will also allow your Telford business to go further and serve more than just the local community – you’ll serve on the world.

So, if you need a business website, we have the tools to make it happen.

Get in touch today to start your new web design journey with us.

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