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Web design Sevenoaks

Gardens of England are a gardening company based in Sevenoaks.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Sevenoaks
Web Design Sevenoaks

Web design Sevenoaks

Gardens of England are a gardening company based in Sevenoaks.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Sevenoaks

Mother Nature’s secret.

Gardens of England have been making private and public spaces beautiful for over twenty years. Situated in Sevenoaks, they offer a range of professional and reliable gardening services that make sure our landscapes remains a place of inspiration for future generations.

Whether it’s your standard gardening job, horticultural planning, or gravedigging, our client knows how to work with the outdoors and turn it into something magical.

When they approached Red Website Design, we were more than happy to put our green thumbs to use and get down to work.

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Intelligent Design

If we were to produce a brilliant digital presence for Gardens of England, we just knew we had to plant the seeds of amazing website design.

The design of this website just works. By opting for a blue colour palette instead of a more predictable green one, we’re able to still build a natural, organic presence as well as push the more professional and sleek design elements forward.

Getting this kind of balance not only helps us deliver on brand identity – it also makes this website much more aligned to target audiences.

And we can’t not mention this stunning logo, can we? There is a lot going on in this one, if you look hard enough.

Whether you see a trowel with a tree growing inside, or simply a pot with a plant growing from within, this logo ticks all the right boxes. It’s minimal, easy on the eye, sleek, and very contemporary. This is just one example of how logos can propel your business and release it from the more traditionalist presumptions of consumers.

Getting the right kind of typeface for your website requires thinking about how you want your website to be perceived by consumers. It could be what makes a visitor return again and again.

Fonts are visual languages that have a long-lasting impression on visitors from the very start. Not only are visitors consuming information and content across your website; they’re also consuming how that content is communicated to them. Choose an inappropriate typeface, and your content will find it harder to reach your intended audience.

Here at Red Website Design, we notice and love the little things. Good design often lies in the subtleties. It’s about building up those visual elements that come together to produce a unique visitor experience – all without them even knowing.

When we land on this homepage, as is Red Website fashion, we’re greeted with a crisp, open image that invites the visitor into Gardens of England. Straight away, design here means providing a more personalised experience.

And from here, visitors can clearly see the name of the business, its services, and a useful CTA to start their journey.

From the small, modern icons on this website – right the way through to moving images and incorporating a transparent logo in the footer – we’ve been able to make great design shine in all its glory and makes this website a lot more enjoyable.

To do this, Gardens of England required a user interface that was engaging, responsive, and, at its heart, usable. If you’d like to learn more about why it’s good to have an eye for good UI, take a look at our blog posts.

User Interface

Visiting our client’s webpage, you’ll clearly see how easy it is to use and navigate across the various webpages. We’re able to do this by creating a digital space that’s free from clutter and one that is functional from the start.

Centring the navigation bar not only helps visitors know where they need to go, it adds a subtle structure and order to the homepage that works wonders for branding.

Scrolling past the opening slider, visitors can immediately become acquainted with all services on offer thanks to a concise, 3-column container with text that appeals.

And below this, a snappy, engaging introductory section that welcomes visitors nicely to Gardens of England and their mission.

Every individual page has the hallmark of Red Website Design – fluidity, presence, and functionality. By doing this, the visitor experience is transformed from being ordinary, to one that is much more fulfilling and productive for both parties.

A fantastic interface feature is also the ease of contact. We’ve included customer contact info across the site, as well as a standard contact us page, where visitors can fill in a form and locate our client on the map all at the same time.

Credibility That You Can Count On

It’s good to let people know about your service. With a ‘Gallery of Works’, Gardens of England are able to showcase just how well they work with the outdoors. Having a gallery is great for letting your service do the talking, and does wonders for credibility.

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