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Web design Prague

The Porter Consultancy are data analysis experts in channel strategy and supply chain solutions based in Prague.

They needed a website to advertise their data services and solutions to potential customers.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

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Web Design Prague
Web Design Prague

Web design Prague

The Porter Consultancy are data analysis experts in channel strategy and supply chain solutions based in Prague.

They needed a website to advertise their data services and solutions to potential customers.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Prague

Leveraging the best data for the best results – all on a website built with the user in mind.

Prague-based Porter Consultancy do one thing and one thing well: they help businesses find potential in their untapped data. And then they propel them to new heights.

Data’s huge. We all leave our own data mark in the choices we make – both online and offline. But it’s what you do with it what counts. Since 2015, TPC have been getting businesses ahead by training them to unlock their data. By unravelling the complexities of big data, businesses can then see the bigger picture.

After substantial success in their sector, we received a brief from TPC to design a standard website. Wanting to shout about their amazing data products and services to clients all around the world, TPC wanted to make a unique digital statement.

So, we got to work. Have a read below to see what happened when our web designers were let loose and came up with something special.


At Red Website Design, we’re all about crafting design that leaves a good – and lasting – impression on visitors. This is made possible by understanding our clients, and our clients’ clients. It’s all about making design work for them, anticipating their every move, and having appropriate design features in place to complement that journey.

For The Porter Consultancy, we knew we wanted to achieve something very specific: to produce a website that was both appealing and functional – stylish but useful. Getting that balance right was the key to delivering an experience that customers would remember.

The Porter Consultancy build data products that their clients can transform their business with. We wanted the products to talk, so we kept design minimal but impactful, utilising negative space and making the most of the above-the-fold area. Here, visitors are connected to our client’s mission, and can begin their journey with captivating CTAs immediately underneath.

Leading the central design was our gorgeous blue colour palette, breaking up white blocks and acting as a perfect background for our images. You’ll also notice this palette works wonders with the sticky header, company logo, and white navigation text. Accompanying the dominant palette is a soft yellow, a colour also visible in the company logo. You’ll see this soft yellow come through on navigation buttons and social media widgets, too.

And as you scroll down the homepage, you’re met with those familiar icons that say this website is more than just text – it’s a website that presents information to customers in the easiest way imaginable.

Away from the homepage, design is consistent, structured, and customer focused. With reeling images and full-bodied videos on service pages, great design here also means delivering great content in the best way possible.

Social proof

For businesses to be successful, customers need to trust the products – and the way are communicated – behind them.

Social proof is a phenomenon where individual decision-making is influenced by the majority – where the ‘correct’ decision is generally perceived to lie. It’s what happens when you choose one product over the other due to better reviews; it’s when you choose to walk down a different path because it looks well-used. It’s when you spend longer on a business website when you learn about their relationship with other, respectable organisations.

On our client’s website, we’ve included many features that contribute to their social proof. On the home and client pages, for example, you’ll notice a reel of all the accredited organisations they work with – from Cisco to Vmware. There’s also a friendly contact us page, as well as a blog that gives our client an authoritative voice in the market. Finally, the social media widgets let customers know that TPC is very much an aware, current, and approachable company

All of these elements work together to reassure prospective B2B customers that this is a company they can trust.


Bringing it all together, the interface is where the magic happens. It’s what enables users to digest content quickly and gets them from A to B.

Our client’s interface is simple, minimal, and engaging. Navigation functions are all in order, and CTAs are well-placed to guide customers along their journey. This is what matters for customers looking to find information in a crowded digital age. Our client’s interface is also incredibly smooth and naturally flowing, allowing users to seamlessly explore each page and engage when they want to.

Putting visitors at its core, TPC’s website is a website that perfectly reflects what they’re all about.

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