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Web design Pontypridd

DTR Surveyors are a property survey company based in Pontypridd.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design Pontypridd
Web Design Pontypridd

Web design Pontypridd

DTR Surveyors are a property survey company based in Pontypridd.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Pontypridd

The all-in-one brochure website. And so much more.

Representing some of the biggest clients in UK commercial property, DTR are the agency behind brand expansion.

Without increasing their property portfolios, household brands would soon lose their physical relevance. That’s where our client comes in.

Ever since 2014, DTR Surveyors have guided influential brands through the retail property process, helping them secure the property acquisitions they need for their growth.

Our client works behind the scenes to ensure their clients operate in the right trading location. Every time.

And after experiencing healthy business turnover themselves, they now needed a website to take their mission one step further.

Approaching Red Website Design, David wanted a website that took DTR’s position in the industry and transported this to a digital environment. The core objective? To produce a stunning digital presence for our client, helping them to boost brand awareness and engage with their audiences even more.

Having this kind of digital presence would help them do more of what they do best. Have a read below to see how we made this happen.


First impressions truly do matter. And when it comes to design, getting this right was a top priority.

As with any of our websites, we needed a design that spoke DTR and represented every one of their key branding values. Reliable, cutting-edge, and sleek. This would be design at its best – and we made this a central theme throughout.

There’s no better way to make an impression than by having an irresistible and standout colour palette. If you want to make yourself heard – this is how.

For our client, we we’ve gone with an electric black and orange. It’s a signature palette that says this is who we are, and this is why you need to know about us. And yet the great thing about this colour palette is that it isn’t foreboding or uneasy on the eye. Being used sparingly – at the header and footer, for example – the black adds a luxurious, professional clarity to DTR’s branding that just can’t be said in words.

As we can see from our client’s website, colour palettes are so much more than filling spaces to make it look nice. They bring with them an often-untapped marketing potential that can make or break your branding.

And what better way to export a cutting-edge web design than with this logo? Placed at the left-hand side, it not only means more room for navigation buttons on the right – but it works extremely well on-top of the black background. With sharp, thin lettering and breaks in the D and R letters, our client’s logo makes this brand a unique and impressionable one on the market.

Capturing the attention of your visitors as soon as they land on your homepage means a longer engagement timeframe within which you can show what you have to offer. It takes audiences a fraction of a second to decide whether or not they wish to stay on your website – or pick up sticks and move elsewhere.

That’s why it was crucial our design performed at its best. We were able to do this – and more – with an expansive, refreshing opening slider placed at the above-fold of the website. Not only does this strengthen the website’s visual presence – it allows our client to introduce their name and services clearly and professionally.

Adding an even more contemporary feel to this branding, we have modern, sleek push icons situated just below this slider. These are a great way to communicate services in a concise and time-friendly manner.

By having push icons, our client can say what they have to say with minimal effort. Touching on what I discussed briefly above, as they are coloured in orange, we can start to see how our design brief is tying up together nicely. It really makes for a wholly consistent experience that helps this website become one that is memorable. Every time.

Giving our design presence that extra touch of understated professionalism, we’ve gone with an Ubuntu typeface. Meaning the way our client communicates with customers is reliable, legible, and consistent.

But without brilliant design, we wouldn’t have an interface that delivered.

User interface

What is a user interface? A user interface is everything that allows visitors to fulfil their tasks and requirements. It’s building a space that allows them to engage, interact, and use your digital space like no other.

But why is it important? Because having a good user interface is what allows your website to stand out and provide a unique and memorable experience. At the end of the day, websites are a bunch of pages with content that provides information to users. Having unbeatable UI, however, means the way that content is delivered – and how well users can interact and engage with it – is transformed to make a website that is so much more than a website.

For the team here at Red Website Design, good user interface means crafting a digital presence that makes it easier than ever to navigate and use a website. For DTR, this meant presenting content in a way that can be easily digested and understood.

Let’s suppose we have just landed on this website. We’re looking to learn more about the services on offer. But we really don’t want to be spending more than 5 minutes doing this. To make this simpler, we can immediately scroll down and see a horizontal display of icons and navigation pages. And with handy CTAs, it’s taken less than 5 seconds before we’re on the page we want.

This is the kind of UI that makes a website memorable and useful.

And with a sticky header, users are always in touch with pages they need to visit next. But should they reach the end of that page, they’re met with a useful site map at the bottom – full of information about the company and other services.

Social media

Staying connected with your users makes your branding that little bit more personal and engaging. With a social media widget displayed at the bottom of each page, users can stay in touch with the latest news via a live feed!

Testimonials & Contact

But if our client is to truly make an impact – they need a way to showcase their best services through those that have experienced it first-hand. That’s why we’ve incorporated an accessible testimonials page. Now visitors can see for themselves how valuable our client’s services are.

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