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Web design Newport

Heavenly Hair Extensions are a hair extension retailer based near Newport, Wales.

They needed an online shop to sell their products online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Newport, Wales
Web Design Newport, Wales

Web design Newport

Heavenly Hair Extensions are a hair extension retailer based near Newport, Wales.

They needed an online shop to sell their products online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Newport, Wales

Hair extensions that turn heads.

Whooshing their way into our design inbox, Heavenly Hair Extensions approached us to create something special for their digital presence: a fabulous eCommerce website where they could list their products and help clients feel amazing – every day.

Heavenly Hair Extensions provide a range of premium quality Brazilian hair extensions to suit all requirements and tastes, whatever the occasion.

Want to know how we produced a website that wows? Have a little read below and then see what we can do for you.


When it came to the design of this website, we knew it needed style, substance, and professionalism. Our lovely returning client submitted a brief – and it was up to us to transform it into a website that is so much more than a website.

Colour palettes are a favourite of ours, and present a massive opportunity to positively shape the customer experience from start to finish. There’s a lot to be said for colour psychology; utilising the best that hues have to offer can take your website from looking ordinary to something beautiful.

For our client, a dark olive-green positions the branding to the top of its game – making this design one that is overflowing with professionalism and style throughout. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a few blocks that are darker, helping to add layers and give depth.

Crafting logos that do more than staple your presence is the key to producing branding that engages with the digital community in a meaningful and swift way. Creating a logo with impact has the ability to communicate and engage with people in an emotional and visually stimulating way.

Our client’s logo does just that, and so much more

It’s minimalist, communicates the product beautifully, and works well against the white background.

And if good design means good visuals, this homepage slider has it all. It blends beautifully with the overall colour palette, and displays all kinds of useful information for users, such as titles, CTAs, and shipping times.

Across this website, you’ll find many more high-quality images such as the one used in sliders. Using these images, we’re able to support and bolster our client’s branding, and ensure content remains relevant and focused.

Using all these design features enables us to create a forward-thinking, spacious design. But this wouldn’t be possible without an accompanying user interface that allows for a responsive, intuitive digital environment.

UI – User Interface

Building a good user interface is all about ensuring your website is available for users to carry out their various tasks and requests. By having a responsive, engaging, and effective UI, you can drastically reduce your bounce rate. How? Because by creating a digital space that sparks curiosity and engagement, and one that has great usability, customers will have a desire to return.

But what does good UI actually look like? For starters, good UI depends on information that is laid out coherently, and consistently. Familiarity is key here: visitors are going to want to acquaint themselves with your website as soon as possible, so the time taken trying to figure out what goes where needs to be as minimal as possible. This is achieved by providing information that is accessible and visible at all times.

Second, good UI means a website that moves with the visitor, and not against them. High response times are crucial if customers are going to want to feel connected with your website.

Third, good UI is there to facilitate the customer journey, and provide the relevant bits of information to enable customers to progress with that journey.

Being an eCommerce site made these simple facts even more important for our designers here at Red. We wanted to make visitors aware, at all times, of the website’s information and content.

By adding ‘featured’ and ‘popular’ sections, for example, our client’s UI remains functional, with a purpose. And for customers – they’re able to keep track of products that may be more relevant to them.

When customers reach the purchasing stage of their journey, it’s made effortlessly simple, with a clear product navigation pages and great purchase CTAs to help guide customers through.

Social proof

‘Testimonials’/’reviews’/’What our customers say’ are fantastic pages to include on your website, as they demonstrate your customer advocacy strengths. For our client, a Reviews page adds authenticity and credibility to their services, and is great for getting the word out.

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