Project Description

Web design Newcastle

Love Colour is a Painting & Decorating company based in Newcastle.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Newcastle
Web Design Newcastle

Web design Newcastle

Love Colour is a Painting & Decorating company based in Newcastle.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Newcastle

When Chris came to us to add a splash of colour to his digital presence, we could hardly say no.

Love Colour are the doers of beautiful interior design, having more than a belt-full of experience in the industry. From multi-million-pound interiors right the way through to pubs, cafes, and living rooms, Love Colour pride themselves on bespoke painting and decorating finishes that make you go ooh.

Chris wanted a standard, brochure-style website to show off his painting and decorating business. Our client recognises a good job when they see it, and we began this project with that very same ethos. So, virtual paint brush in hand, we got to work and did what we do best.

We’re a big fan of this website. Have a read below to see why.


From the initial design brief stage, we thought a lot about how we could inject our client’s values into this website, making it Love Colour’s very own voice in the digital world.

Playing a huge role in the website design experience, colour palettes have an understated potential to transform how your website is perceived by its users. Carefully-selected colour combinations can work together – and for you – to create the right kind of moods. For example, if you are looking to create a fun, relaxed, and zesty environment for your product/service, consider using oranges, yellows, and greens.

For our client, a deep purple and a light red colour palette just oozes all the good stuff – creativity, professionalism, and confidence. These are just the right kind of values that are at the heart of Chris’ business.

This combination also bounces of the logo naturally, ensuring a reliable, associable, and consistent experience across the customer journey. Voila!

Speaking of logos – they’re a big thing. It’s worth investing your time and resources into a logo that both reflects and represents you and your brand. Love Colour’s logo really does speak for itself. A playful splash of purple paint immediately captivates us and visually communicates our client’s purpose out into the public. The capitalised ‘love’ that is in a different typeface – and colour – foregrounds completely what Love Colour are all about – loving what they do and exporting this to their client base.

It was important to us that we maximise design features as much as possible to open-up this digital space and breath fresh air into it. We were able to achieve this by adding a beautiful, high-quality slider with rotating images that represent our client’s services; header text is then added on-top, giving the website a rounded off finish.

Great design needs greater UI, however, and it was important this website was responsive, functional, and user-friendly.


It’s only natural that a painting and decorating company should have a website that not only looks nice, but functions properly as a whole – as soon a you land on the homepage.

Customers are looking to get acquainted with your services as quickly as possible. For this reason, it’s a good idea to display them near the top to limit bounce rates.

Users can quickly find Love Colour’s services by scrolling further below the introductory slider. Having them displayed in three-column boxes not only makes the best use of space – it makes it even easier for users to view them all in one place.

Below these we have a check-box section that provides further detail on what’s included – helping users feel reassured and confidence in Love Colour.

And for those still unsure, a ‘Why Choose Us?’ section is on-hand to persuade potential customers of this great service.

A large component of good UI is making navigation that little bit easier for users. To do this, we’ve made the navigation bar do what it’s supposed to do: guide customers. Pages do what they say on the (paint) tin and are demarcated fantastically, with relevant FAQs and Contact pages at the far-right.


The content throughout Love Colour’s website is engaging, persuasive, and very informative, ensuring visitors know exactly what kind of service they can expect.

Results speak volume

Social proof is an absolute necessity in the digital age, especially if you are providing reputable services to clients. As we can see, the Testimonials page is a handy display of all the lovely comments Chris and the team have been receiving for their hard work. The raw potential of this should not be underestimated – as Mark Zuckerberg said, nothing is more highly prized than a recommendation from a friend.

In the Know

It’s a great idea to incorporate an FAQ section on your website. Here, visitors can quickly find solutions to the most common of problems, ensuring they know they can count on your reliability.

It’s this kind of engagement that will pay dividends in the long-term. A great way to add value to your customer’s online experience is to have a regulated blog page. Not only is this great for increasing your rank on Google – it lets others know you are aware of the latest trends and updates in your field.