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Web design Mayfair

Therapist Direct are a counselling and therapy service based near Mayfair.

They required a booking website to take appointment bookings and payments online.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Web Design Mayfair
Web Design Mayfair

Web design Mayfair

Therapist Direct are a counselling and therapy service based near Mayfair.

They required a booking website to take appointment bookings and payments online.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Web Design Mayfair

Therapist Direct are an experienced team of medical professionals..

They speciale in therapy, psychiatric treatment, counselling, and other mental health provisions. Based in Harley Street, London, Therapist Direct are a leading provider of services in the medical industry.

Unconventionally, perhaps, they are not exclusively restricted to static medical locations as we would expect. They also offer consultations and therapy through Skype, home visits, and over the telephone. It’s through this approach that gaining access to high quality medical care has become easier (and quicker!) for people across the UK.

Therapist Direct were looking to take their leading position on the market and build a powerful online presence to accompany this. We both knew we needed to introduce Therapist Direct to the public and resonate more with the digital community. That’s why we were happy to get on-board and curate a website that is engaging, transparent, and inviting.

The product? A website that reflects their professionalism and brand voice all in one space.


We really wanted to create an open and transparent website design for our users. It’s simple, effective, and easy to navigate. Placing both the image and the overlying ‘Counselling & Psychiatry’ heading at the top immediately informs our visitors of Therapist Direct’s presence in the medical industry.

Underneath, the welcome section confidently positions Therapist Direct as an open, approachable healthcare provider. This is was an integral component of our objectives when designing the website; we had to ensure our client was inviting whilst still retaining essential professional qualities that are anticipated in such an industry.

Our client is a leading counselling and therapist provider; this reputation needed to be communicated to the public with simplicity. As you can see, we have included a ‘why choose Therapist Direct’ sub-section detailing their credentials, making it easier for customers to choose this service over others.

Adhering to this layout, on the ‘Services’ page we have a ‘How It Works’ sub-section, outlining an easy step-by-step guide to booking your appointment.

Call to action

Several call-to-action buttons are featured extensively throughout the website encouraging visitors to learn more and book an appointment. These act as guide posts whose purpose is to promote our client’s availability to potential clients. They are easily located across the website, working well with dominant colour schemes.


The soft blue and whites reflect the sophistication, professionalism, and cleanliness of our client’s values. Moreover, as blue is traditionally accepted as the colour most favoured by the medical industry, it is well-received by users and allows association with healthcare to be easily achieved and acknowledged. This goes a long way in establishing Therapist Direct as a leading provider of healthcare.


Choosing a font for a client specialising in the medical industry not only had to reflect their professionalism; we were also looking for a visual representation of a modern, forward-thinking brand. The font we see on this website isn’t your conventional font you’d necessarily expect. Whilst this can back-fire, this approach has worked out in our favour, creating a modern personality that resonates well with audiences.


Logos are the first point of call with your audience. There is only a limited window span to capture their attention, so getting it right is crucial. The logo used for Therapist Direct is simple, effective, and reflects the purpose of our client clearly. The heart rate monitor beeping across a brain says everything you’d need to know about the service. Consequently, ease of association has been greatly facilitated, and makes our client’s communications clearer.

Furthermore, values of transparency and engagement are also assisted by the brain also resembling something of a speech bubble!

Contact / Accessibility

Navigating the website, you can see that Therapist Direct are easily accessible to viewers throughout. The ‘call now’, ‘book online’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ pages make this webpage one that is agreeable, friendly, and easy to reach.

Social media presence

As our client offers direct healthcare services over the phone, skype, and through home visits, we had to guarantee they were easy to locate on social media. Having such a presence transforms your brand and keeps you relevant. In this case, reaching out to the online community is not only essential in the twenty-first century; it ensures our client can keep in touch with existing (and potential) patients that cuts out unnecessary and tackling red tape that can often paralyse contact with clients.


In the healthcare industry, reputation matters. It was therefore essential that we communicated to the public the various public health associations and medical bodies that Therapist Direct are proud to be a part of. These are reputable and rigorous organisations that regulates the various healthcare providers across the UK. Ensuring these are visible to the public means that the reputation of our client is consistently supported.

Further to this, customer testimonials featured on the website are important relationship-building exercises as well as showcasing your performance. All of these are instrumental in establishing a reputation that is supported by real-life cases.

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