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Web design Liverpool

Fillers & Frowns are a beauty company based in Liverpool.

They required a standard, brochure style website to showcase their cosmetic beauty treatments.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Liverpool
Web Design Liverpool

Web design Liverpool

Fillers & Frowns are a beauty company based in Liverpool.

They required a standard, brochure style website to showcase their cosmetic beauty treatments.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Liverpool

Fillers & Frowns are an experienced medical clinic located in Liverpool’s Rodney Street

A street often cited as the Harley Street of the North, owing to the numerous medical clinics practising there.

Founded in 2017, Fillers & Frowns offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures and other healthcare treatments with the aim of improving self-image and body confidence.

A selection of these treatments includes:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers
  • Chemical peels
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty

A range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments are available to both men and women, with mobile appointments proving to be a popular service amongst clients.

Fillers & Frown approached the team at Red to design a brochure-style website that fully reflects their mission as a provider of safe, non-surgical treatments at competitive prices.

The end result? A sophisticated website design that clearly defines their position in the digital sphere as a leading, reputable cosmetics clinic.

Navigation & Layout

The website layout is simple and easy to use, optimising the user experience as much as possible.

Upon entering the website, we are greeted with a slider that contains the various procedures Fillers & Frowns specialise in. These can be selected using several push buttons at the bottom. The ‘Find out more’ call-to-action button facilitates leads and provides extra information to clients wishing to progress.

Accompanying this is a great welcome section that introduces our client to the public. It demonstrates perfectly the type of services available, as well as offering a popular mobile clinic – perfect for those who wish to manage time for efficiently. Welcome sections are perfect opportunities for improving your SEO impact, too.

Scrolling further down, a clean 6-image gallery is on-hand to set out the services available. The stock images here are handy for breaking up text as well as having a secondary function to accompany the various services.

‘Why choose us’ are crucial sections on your website. They allow you to demonstrate your position as a leading service provider. Operating in the medical industry, it was especially important that our client’s welcome section set out their values and services with clarity, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

Overall, the layout of Fillers & Frowns goes a long way to both making it a website easy to use, as well as solidifying brand voice.


Designing the website, we had to keep in mind our client’s vision, values, and core mission.

Conventionally, clients of a medical/healthcare nature often have blues and whites as primary website colours. However, seeing as we really wanted our client to stand out as a professional and up-market medical provider, black and white works brilliantly in delivering a sophisticated, reputable, and professional finish.

This palette compliments the semi-transparent images, too!


If you want to bring your website into the twenty-first century, maintaining an active blog has numerous benefits that will improve your marketing strategies ten-fold.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding advantages of a live blog is the SEO capabilities.

How often do you update your website content? There are only so many times you can update an ‘About Us’ page, for example! For this reason, having fresh content updated on your page can be difficult, often resulting in a stagnant online presence.

The solution? An active daily blog with regularly updated content. As Google loves fresh content, your blog will strengthen your brand presence and improve your ranking. These methods combined will help drive traffic and engagement with your website.

In our case, the blog is maintained by Dr Robinson and serves as a source of information to clients.


Testimonials are the social proof of your brand/product. They get people talking.

Word of mouth is especially important for new businesses – even more so for any healthcare-related ones. For this reason, it’s a good idea to build up a reputation by asking people to provide you with their experiences. This will bolster your reputation – and everyone can see what great service you are providing!

The testimonials featured on Fillers & Frowns (accessible via ‘About Us’) are written by clients who have received various procedures. Flicking through, we can easily see how credible and successful Dr Robinson’s work is.

How does our web design process work?


You’ll submit your web design brief via a simple online form.


We’ll send over your initial draft within 5-10 working days.


You’ll request changes and send over your final content.


We’ll get your site live and let Google know you exist.

Affordable website designers in Liverpool

We don’t know about you, but we’re all filled and frowned out after that! With ten years taken off us, it’s time to talk more about how we can help your private healthcare business succeed with an affordable website.

If you aren’t familiar with Liverpool’s Rodney St. in the Georgian Quarter, it’s pretty much the equivalent of London’s Harley Street.

From end to end, you’ll find surgeries, clinics, and dentists.

For clients looking for top-quality private healthcare in Liverpool – it’s good news as they can choose from many reputable centres of excellence.

For these business owners, though, it means competition is at its greatest. It means more needs to be done in order to get noticed.

The solution? A low-cost, high-quality website that delivers and gets you noticed.

For over 8 years, we’ve been producing affordable websites for Liverpool businesses without breaking budgets and overheads. Because when businesses succeed, we all do. And there’s nothing we do better than produce high quality, cheap websites.

Which is exactly what we did for our private healthcare client who needed a website that turned heads. From front to back, we made affordable web design go farther so our client could do more with their money – and time.

The website we built for our Liverpool-based client is a brochure style website – one of our most popular aside from our eCommerce packages. If you need to simply display your services, take bookings, and receive contact forms from future clients – this package is perfect.

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