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Web design Kirkby

EvaSophia Aesthetics are a beauty company based in Kirkby.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their products and services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design Kirkby
Web Design Kirkby

Web design Kirkby

EvaSophia Aesthetics are a beauty company based in Kirkby.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their products and services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Kirkby

High-quality, non-surgery cosmetics, anyone?

Based in Kirkby, Liverpool – and serving clients up and down the UK – Eva Sophia Aesthetics are proud to deliver life-changing non-cosmetic results to those looking for a change.

From dermal fillers to expert Microneedling – our client helps their clients achieve their goals without the need for aggressive surgery. And that helps to explain their ultimate success

But to spread the word about their amazing services and attract more customers, they needed to get themselves online. They needed a website. But not just any website. They needed a high-quality, professional brochure website. Full of functionality and intelligent design.

Nothing says Eva Sophia Aesthetics quite like this finished product. Read on below to discover how we approached this project.

Website Design and Website Interface

Approaching this design brief, our team of website designers knew they wanted to achieve two important goals:

  • First – it needed to sum up everything our client represented
  • Second – design had to inspire audiences and encourage action.

At the end of the day, bran values are what drives businesses. It gives them a reason for existing and chasing success.

When it comes to web design, it’s up to us to carefully combine the two aims. And with a finished product that reflects a business and inspires audiences, the foundations for success can be built.

For our clients, as we did for Eva Sophia Aesthetics, we build low-cost websites that do more than list services; they empower them to do more for less.

For customers looking for a reputable, non-cosmetic company online, we needed to make sure design worked to this aim.

For this reason alone, homepages are one of, if not the, most important pages on a website.

Starting with the overall visual design, we got to work with Eva Sophia Aesthetics’ presence.

With a leading pink, white, and grey colour palette, this website’s stunning visuals are cemented as soon as the visitor enters the website.

Elsewhere, a minimalist layout continues to guide a professional, clean, and opening space in which users can freely navigate and access the relevant information.

For example, a clear and large homepage slider naturally gives way to a welcome content area. And immediately underneath this, customers can enjoy a page-wide horizontal services box where they can locate the services most relevant to them.

Having a balanced, structured, and clutter-free homepage, is a breath of fresh air for visitors both on desktop and on mobile.

Away from the all-important homepage, website design serves up consistency, professionalism, and modernity. Users are greeted with interactive content boxes, large images, and content that answers questions.

Building Reputations Through Websites

One of the best ways to develop, build, and strengthen your business reputation is by having a cheap website.

Why? Because with business websites, you can market yourself like no other way, and to provide users with content they can enjoy and share with their audiences.

In the case of Eva Sophia Aesthetics, this comes in the form of not just amazing content throughout the website – but also a dedicated blog page where they can discuss relevant topics.

And with a blog page, they can do more than write engaging content for their target audiences. They can become a reputable, authoritative voice in their industry; a place visitors go to access information.

Building wicked websites is our thing. Get in touch and see how we can help you thrive online today.

How does our web design process work?


You’ll submit your web design brief via a simple online form.


We’ll send over your initial draft within 5-10 working days.


You’ll request changes and send over your final content.


We’ll get your site live and let Google know you exist.

Affordable website designers in Kirkby

People of Kirkby: it’s time to do business better. It’s time to do business with a cheap website from the UK’s leading web design company.

Because we are Red Website Design, and we don’t just make cheap websites that turn heads. We make websites that help businesses – new and old, big and small – do better business.

Because when business have the right tools available, you can do more.

And with a low-cost, high-quality website – your business is not just any business; it’s a business that can sell more, connect more, and make a bigger impact.

For our client based in Kirkby, we did just that: we designed them a functioning website, full with wonderful web design, engaging call to action buttons, and efficient contact forms.

The final product was a streamlined digital presence that puts our client above the rest.

By giving Kirkby businesses better tools to fight competition, attract customers, and improve their online presence – our cheap web design packages are built for success.

Our team of qualified web designers here at Red Website Design have been designing and building websites since 2011. More than 3000 of them.

When you submit your design brief, our web design team will work with you to establish and realise your website dream.

You could say we make dreams come true. We just think we design amazing websites.

Businesses based in Kirkby have amazing transport and location benefits over other businesses. And with a website, you can go even further.

Tell us about your project and we’ll take it from there.

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