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Web design Hong Kong

Cinnamon Worldwide are an online retailer of health and beauty products based in Hong Kong.

They required an Ecommerce website to enable them to sell their luxury products online.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Hong Kong
Web Design Hong Kong

Web design Hong Kong

Cinnamon Worldwide are an online retailer of health and beauty products based in Hong Kong.

They required an Ecommerce website to enable them to sell their luxury products online.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Hong Kong

Artisan health and beauty products that enrich and empower the body.

If you hadn’t heard of Cinnamon Worldwide – you have now. Sourcing inspiring, hand-made health and beauty products, their mission is to spread self-love and care for customers around the world.

In a world where artificial, mass-produced healthcare products are saturating our shelves, it’s a refreshing way to get in touch with our natural world – and benefit from it.

When Carrie got in touch with Red Website Design to help establish a positive online presence, we had an idea or two in mind.

Our Ecommerce website designers got to work quicker than they could say Calendula Handmade soap.

Have a ready below to see how design, user interface, and social proof all worked together to make the buying journey easier and simpler.


The overall design of Cinnamon Worldwide’s website is exactly how it should be.

When we thought of natural products being displayed to online customers, we knew design was going to play a massive role in promoting a particular brand voice that reflected everything to do with handmade, natural, organic product ranges.

And not only that, we wanted to ooze calm from beginning to end, ensuring a much more pleasant visitor experience.

It therefore made sense to have these amazing identities embedded communicated by design itself.

Bringing well-deserved ‘aahs’ to every user’s visit, a smooth, pastel caramel palette directs design on every page. From beiges and browns, to a radiating sunset orange, these colours transform this website into an inspiring eCommerce website full of clarity and focus.

Away from colour, in the middle of every page we have foregrounded content with a calm, white background. For the header and footer, meanwhile, it’s here where the palette has its greatest effect.

User Interface

User interfaces are where users and websites come together.

Without an effective user interface, online visitors won’t resonate with what you have to offer. And if they don’t find your website valuable, satisfying, and rewarding – they won’t bother converting.

For us, creating the perfect interface meant providing ease of navigation, engagement, and task fulfilment. After all, is customers can’t do what they set out to do, they won’t stay for long.

This meant having a landing page that welcomed visitors, presented products, and provided means to access those products and make purchases.

When customers arrive on this landing page, they’re greeted with a structurally-sound presence, with a large business logo in the header, and a horizontal navigation bar. Immediately below (and present on every webpage) we can see a stock image that espouses our client’s values.

Scrolling down, users are first greeted by a welcome section, followed immediately by a chance to subscribe to their e-mail marketing list. Dotted throughout all this we’ve broken text up with a calming image to further promote brand identity.

As this is an eCommerce website, products really are central to the website’s content. Accessing various products from the navigation bar, users can simplify their browsing experiencing by choosing between hand soaps, bath and body care, home products, and gifts.

Visiting the first on the navigation bar – ‘bath & body care’ – directs customers to a full product listing where they can filter choice by category type, price, date, and even currency!

By having a maximum width of 3 products to a list, consumers can easily browse what’s on offer, consulting the relevant high-quality images as they compare.

In each product box, users can see everything from product image, description, further details, and an add to basket CTA.

Going back to the landing page, repeat customers will find a ‘recommendations for you’ section, with tailored products to suit their needs and wants.

These features mean this interface not only anticipates the customer journey, but is there right when they need it most.

Social proof

There are many on-page features that social proof our client’s website.

With a blog page, not only are they strengthening their SEO.

They are using it to become a leading voice in the market by providing educational and informative blog posts that their customers can come to associate them with.

Social proof can further be gained from having all major social media widgets present across the website. Now users can engage with the brand when it suits them most.

Our designers worked wonders for our client. See what we can do for you today.

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