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Web design Hereford

Hereford MTB are a mountain bike club based in Hereford.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Hereford
Web Design Hereford

Web design Hereford

Hereford MTB are a mountain bike club based in Hereford.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Hereford

Conquer the outdoors with Hereford MTB.

Hereford MTB deliver the kind of outdoor experiences that are hard to beat, much less forget. All you need is a bike, and a passion for the rugged world around you.

From coaching, casual guided rides, and mountain bike clubs, right the way through to the best of the best guided trails, Hereford MTB help you experience the world differently. After establishing their reputable place in the outdoors industry, our client now wanted to take their adventure online and curate a digital presence that gets the word out – and we couldn’t wait to set off.

From design brief to handover, the team at Red Website Design have built a website that encapsulates and exports everything Hereford MTB have come to stand for – and so much more. This digital presence is action-oriented, and delivers on a unique visitor experience from start to finish.

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Designing Hereford MTB’s website, we knew we wanted to keep this space focused on what really mattered – our client and what they had to offer.

Diving into the homepage, we’re immediately met with a gorgeous, open blue space that transforms this website into one that’s appealing to the senses. Sliders such as this one are superb design features that can give off the right kind of tone for your branding. In this case, the image of the mountain biker underneath the transparent slider emits adventure, adrenaline, and a dose of fresh elation.

In this way, we’re able to make design work for us and set the tone for the rest of what’s the come.

And what is to come is an open, white, clean digital space that speaks clarity –  helping to get the word out to visitors so they don’t have to go looking for it. We’ve built-in a three column feature that displays our client’s services, all with relevant imagery, and coloured titles that tie in nicely with the overall colour scheme.

Colour palettes are great for driving your brand’s digital presence from the minute visitors hit the landing page. If you want to inspire and control how your brand is perceived, starting with a relevant and suitable colour palette is a good way to achieve this.

Essentially, there are no right or wrongs when it comes to selecting a palette. However, some do work better than others for reflecting your branding.

For our client, this colour palette is fresh, clean, and engaging – this aqua blue translates into a website that does, rather than one that simply tells, and just makes this website fit for the present digital age.

Logos are another great arena for communicating your branding to the outside world. Hereford MTB’s logo couldn’t be more on-brand if it tried. The stencil mountain that rests on the lettering is just perfect for emitting adventure, and there’s also a bike chain that holds everything in place nicely.

But building great websites doesn’t just stop at design. We had to craft a user interface that was responsive to visitors’ needs, and one that got Hereford MTB performing at their best online.

UI – User Interface

To the team at Red Website Design, good UI equals an interactive digital space that works and allows the visitor to perform their tasks with minimal effort.

This website reflects our passion for this kind of ethos, and our ability to drive the message home.

It’s an effortlessly simple website, allowing visitors to navigate across freely and stay in control of their unique experience. Thanks to a reliable, stickly header, we’re able to have a navigation header that is coherent and accessible at all times.

Going back to the homepage, however, it’s here where you can see how UI can make for a valuable, relevant experience. As soon as we scroll past that amazing slider, we’re immediately acquainted with this brand and their mission, helped enormously by a handy ‘more about us’ CTA.

Keeping things in-line with the informal, active branding, the uppercase ‘What we do’ leads nicely down to an interactive section where users are able to get involved quickly.

Navigating any one of these pages will find you in good company. Whether it’s by keeping content concise and informative, or by implementing a consistent interface experience that utilises space, the UI for our client gets you off to a head-start.

When users have finished scrolling down a page, they can quickly access their next page by the footer sitemap, too.

Overall, the UI of this website is one that facilitates the customer journey from start to finish, and really performs as an adventure website ought to.

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