Project Description

Web design Harrogate

Total Life Cover is an insurance brokerage based in Harrogate.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Harrogate
Web Design Harrogate

Web design Harrogate

Total Life Cover is an insurance brokerage based in Harrogate.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Harrogate

Total life security with Total Life Cover.

When it comes to insurance, you need someone you can depend on. That’s why Total Life Cover have built their brand around one mission: to provide reliable, dependable insurance that clients can rely on.

Now they needed a digital space to take their ethos online and reach more customers.

When they approached Red Website Design to establish their digital home, we couldn’t wait to get started. Have a read below to see how we worked with our client to produce something worth talking about.


Visiting, you’ll immediately appreciate how this bespoke design lends itself to producing a website that is clean, transparent, and modern all the way through.

Branding matters. By applying intelligent design across the website, we’re able to reflect the key values that Total Life Cover embody.

Two of these are transparency and reliability. To sustain this through incredible design, we had to think about how customers will consume what they see before them.

Across the breadth of the website, we’ve opened spaces, utilised white areas, and promoted a contemporary aura by injecting clarity into content.

To take the homepage for example, a gorgeous black and white slider sits neatly behind the company logo, and fills the top fold of the website to curate a sleek presence. By doing so, transforms into a spacious, expansive digital landscape for its users.

Consistency was also key here: we knew we had to make the customer experience one that had no nasty surprises for its visitors. You’ll notice there’s a warm, open slider on each webpage that heads nicely over that particular page’s content.

Having minimalist design allows you to keep your branding focused, and your design crystal clear. It also makes for a much more simple experience, as visitors will not be suffocated with clutter.

Imparting subtle professionalism, a simple yet effective grey, white, blue colour scheme communicates a welcoming and accessible design that customers will be familiar with.

And simple, rounded logos help to communicate content that matters in a brisk manner, so customers aren’t spending time trying to find what they need.

Overall, the design of this client’s website is, at its core, intelligent and well-thought out. By projecting a minimalist and transparent design onto our users’ devices, we’re able to achieve branding that wows.

But it didn’t stop here. A user interface needed to house all these features in a way that allowed potential customers to feel at home.

Putting U in a User Interface

If great UI is anything to go by, then this is it.

Immediately landing on this homepage, you’ll be quick to notice the navigation bar is situated down the left-hand side of the screen. Unconventional but visually distinct, having this navigation interface allows for a much more unique – but reliable – experience.

For us, we value making the experience easier and more fulfilling for clients. So for our client, this website is effortlessly simple but responsive; all web pages are clear and usable, and have true purpose from the start.

Relevant CTAs are situated nicely underneath their respective content cells, and once finished on a page, visitors can interact with a sliding carousel of respectable brands that our client are affiliated with.

Most of the content on each webpage is topped with centralised headers icons, helping to guide users through their journey, and make their next step as accessible as possible.

It’s this kind of usability that defines what great UI ought to be, and we made sure our client had it.

Contact Us pages are crucial if you want to be as accessible as possible to your visitors. For, this contact us page is perfect for demonstrating how you can connect with customers with ease.

As with any insurance broker, your website needs to have the relevant features to allow your client base to reach out to you.

Not only do we have a sleek contact form; we also have social media widgets as well as a Google Maps feature. The end-product is accessibility and transparency that allows visitors to stay connected from start to finish  – and beyond.

With, we’ve achieved a website that’s contemporary, stylish, and functional. It’s great to see them doing so well.