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Web design France

Chateau de Brives is a stunning wedding and event venue based in the South of France.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their venue and surrounding area.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design France
Web Design France

Web design France

Chateau de Brives is a stunning wedding and event venue based in the South of France.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their venue and surrounding area.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design France

A dream digital presence fit for a dream getaway.

If you haven’t yet heard of Château de Brives, you have now. When it comes to providing guests with unforgettable experiences in the south of France, our client knows a thing or two about putting on a show.

Whether it’s for a wedding, another special event, or simply whisking away to complete privacy, our client places their clients at the heart of memorable moments. And so do we.

After launching the business, Sarah approached Red Website Design for a brochure website in order to show the very best of what Château de Brives has to offer.

As always, we put all the stops out for this one and created something worth shouting about. Read below to find out why we love this one so much.


We believe that perfect brand voices demand a considered, thoughtful design – from start to finish. This means that, when visitors first land on a webpage, they should feel right at home with what it has to say.

At Red Website Design, there’s nothing we love more than learning what makes our clients’ businesses tick, extracting their values, and translating these into captivating design that resonates perfectly with clients. Every time.

Because that’s what makes a digital presence work. For our client, we thought carefully about the kind of values, mission statements, and attitudes that, when combined, produce something amazing for their clients’ experiences with the business.

For many of their clients, the first point of contact with Sarah will undoubtedly take place on the website itself. For this reason alone, the design of Château de Brives’ website had to be exceptional.

And with consumers’ minds being made up within 8 seconds of visiting a website, this made it all the more important to have a design that was chic Château. Making that first step required nailing the visuals from front to back – and the colour palette presented itself as a wonderful opportunity for our designers to carry this through.

After informing us of their desired style, we knew exactly what our client needed to make the right kind of statement to potential clients. This was achieved with a gorgeous grey and white colour palette that runs right the way through. Not only does this look modern, classy, and minimal – the neutral colours are perfect for showing more of what matters – the Château and relevant images.

Across the website, great design means keeping it clean from unnecessary clutter. It means inspiring sliders above the fold. It means a stylistic serif font and considered call-to-action buttons. Here, great design is at its best, allowing us to place our client and their amazing services right at the heart of the website, and letting design do the rest.


If great design is the gorgeous Château, then the interface is the reliable foundations on which it is built.

Having inspirational, creative design is great for making a statement. But if the website interface is poorly executed, then the impact of that design will be greatly reduced.

We didn’t just need to make a website that looked good, we needed to make sure it was a website that was easy to navigate, manipulate, and complete tasks on.

And, seeing as our client’s core service is making this gorgeous Château available for special occasions, we needed to build an interface that brought it closer to visitors interested in getting away to heaven, even just for a moment.

And that meant keeping it simple, having amazing images, and facilitating the customer journey from start to contact submission.

When customers enter this website, they’re greeted with sophistication in the way of seamless sliders, easy-to-digest content, and gorgeous images.  And these all work together to create an amazing experience – perfectly reflecting what Château de Brives is all about for their clients.

Having a client-focused interface is all about making it easy for them to complete tasks. It could be to find out more information, it could be to view a gallery, or it could be to head straight to contact. It could be all three. So, we made a navigation bar reflect that: from here, customers can access everything from specifics to press, reviews to contact.

Building a Reputation

Every single one of our features work nicely together to reflect and develop our client’s reputation for providing luxurious, dependable, and unforgettable experiences, from start to finish.

And when it comes to the digital sphere, reputations matter more than ever. The power of social proof for brands today could be the difference between a negative and a positive review – and we all know how big that difference could be.

To make our client’s reputation go further, we’ve included a social media feature listed on most pages. Here, customers can keep track of our client’s most recent online activity and view their latest posts. And, like with every other of our websites, we’ve included a reviews page so customers can see for themselves how wonderful their next favourite destination is.

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