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Web design East Kilbride

Glasgow Heating Solutions are a heating solutions company based in East Kilbride.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design East Kilbride
Web Design East Kilbride

Web design East Kilbride

Glasgow Heating Solutions are a heating solutions company based in East Kilbride.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design East Kilbride

Across Glasgow, our client makes houses homes.

Providing gas-safe solutions to thousands across the region, Glasgow Heating Solutions love to keep their customers warm.

Now they needed a heating services website for their business, allowing them to get the word out and continue doing what they do best.         


Great business websites need great design to look the part online.

It’s what we do best here at Red Website Design, and we had one thing in mind going into this project: we wanted to produce a digital space worth investing time on.

Glasgow Heating Solution’s digital space is open, clean, and refreshing. By using great design, we’re able to places a gas and heating company right into the modern world, and then some.

Because by keeping design minimalist and transparent, our client is able to say what they need to even better.

Colour palettes are one of our favourite ways to communicate values and aesthetics, helping customers use colour to let their identity shine.

Familiarity is key when it comes to colour psychology. Whilst it is important customers are receptive to common colour palettes (think black for funeral directors), it’s equally as important to be a little different, too.

Glasgow Heating Solution’s website has a gorgeous green and blue palette that structures the website design throughout, appearing on headings, CTAs, and fill-out forms.

It provides for a more well-rounded and consistent experience. And that’s always a great thing.

We’ve also sneaked in some other great design features in there, too, such as the opening slider as well as the green icons that say more by doing less.

Interface & Experience

Without having an amazing interface, though, this amazing design wouldn’t stand a chance.

User interfaces are the structural layouts of websites that house design and other relevant information. By having intelligent interface that works for customers, it’s only then that a positive user experience can be achieved.

Landing pages are so important for tying the two together, because it’s here where websites suffer high bounce rates.

So, for Glasgow Heating Solutions, we had to make the landing page the place to be.

This meant conveying information, enticing customers, and captivating their attention to encourage action (like viewing services, and contacting them).

First, users are met with an opening slider that sets the mood perfectly. This image, whilst aesthetically pleasing, is great for transforming our client’s branding into a contemporary one.

And it’s here where the magic happens. By placing a CTA at the bottom of this opening image, users can get stuck in and learn more about how Glasgow Heating Solutions can add value to their everyday.

Should users decide to keep scrolling, we’ve made it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Right at their fingertips.

The several icons I mentioned earlier all guide users through the different services on offer. It’s by having a horizontal services layout that makes these services so accessible to customers.

In this way, beautiful design crafts a beautiful experience.

Social proof

Ever been stuck for choice between two restaurants and decided to visit the one with more customers?

Beneath the surface of this decision is something at play, and it’s called social proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that sees our individual decisions being influenced by those taken by the majority.

We’re more likely to visit that restaurant as a result of it being full because it must be good, right?

In marketing, social proof works the same way. When customers see that your product/service is being used by happy customers, they’re more likely going to buy that product/service.

And the way you can encourage this kind of social proof is by displaying reviews and a ‘previous clients’ section. By doing so, you’re providing proof that your product is valuable. You’re also making the decision-making process that bit simpler for customers, too.


Though we love the idea, conversions don’t just happen out of nowhere.

Customers only convert if they want to, obviously. And getting customers to convert – whether that’s by signing up to e-mail services, contact forms, or buying product – requires features, tools, and design that makes it rewarding for them.

Encouraging action from customers can’t be something you do right at the end, or on a single page. It needs to be present across the whole website, from start to finish.

For our client, we’ve made this possible by having a ‘free quote’ submission form visible on every page, as well as engaging CTAs that encourage users to seek advice.

In this way, our client’s services remain accessible, and the possibility of a conversion is always on every page.

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