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Web design Copenhagen

Kasper Larsen is an Attorney at Law based in Copenhagen.

He needed a brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Copenhagen
Web Design Copenhagen

Web design Copenhagen

Kasper Larsen is an Attorney at Law based in Copenhagen.

He needed a brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Copenhagen

Sometimes you’re better off with an expert.

Kasper Larsen are a team of experienced Attorneys at Law, speaking up for clients when they need it most.

Their client-centred services include employment litigation, family, and medical malpractice, with further specialisms in resolving personal injury cases.

Building up a healthy base of clients, Kasper Larsen soon got in touch with us at Red Website Design to implement their digital presence. We agreed on a forward-thinking, cutting edge website that demonstrates our client’s capabilities – and more.

Continue reading below to discover how we banged heads to produce a website that wows.


Going into the web design phase, we knew we wanted to create something brilliant. Capturing and communicating our client’s core values across the whole design was incredibly important if we were going to achieve this. What we wanted was a website that was modern, sleek, and crisp – everything a cutting-edge law firm ought to have

A good place to start was a refreshing and clean colour palette that was able to take this website into the twenty-first century and give it a lease of life. Colour palettes are your external, visual language that you can exploit and utilise to produce a voice that speaks for you and your brand.

For our client, when using colour palettes, we wanted one that stood out without making a song and dance about it.

We managed to do this by injecting a lively turquoise across the whole webpage. This isn’t always an obvious choice of colour for a website, but in this case it really does transform Kasper Larsen into a digitally relevant space and one that is simply attractive.

Another arena in which you can use design to promote and distribute a brand voice that is associable to target audiences is of course your logo. The power of a logo lies in its ability to communicate your product and services without people knowing.

The logo for our client is right on the mark when it comes to exporting brand identity. With its sleek K/L being cut in two, this logo truly is a memorable one. What more could you want?

Looking across the website, design has taken a law firm and spiced it up with an appearance that is irresistible. From large, transparent sliders that open the website up beautifully, down to modern icons to accompany text, this design is consistently on-brand and speaks to the reader like never before.

We’ve also cut the bottom third of each page and occupied this space with a darker blue colour. Here, visitors will find all the relevant contact and social media buttons to progress with their journey. This is a simple design element, but one that confidently plays into the overall mood.

UI – User Interface

This website deserved a responsive, accessible user interface that housed our great design – so it got one.

The hallmark of a great UI is great accessibility and functionality. We needed this website to be as accessible as possible for its users, who are going to need all the relevant legal information.

It also means curating a web presence that works with design to produce a space that is inviting and isn’t afraid to use white space. Landing on homepages is a crucial stage of the customer journey, and it’s here where they make snap judgements about your website.

For our client, our homepage really is a breath of fresh air, with columns suitably placed next to each other that facilitates further scrolling and access of information.

Users are immediately hit with ‘We work for you’, and then ’What we offer our clients’ – a quadruple column displaying jargon-free text that lets potential clients know exactly what they can expect with Kasper Larsen.

Keeping navigation bars concise and legible was so important for us. As you can see, our client’s is minimal and works perfectly with the overall design. We’ve shifted text to the right to foreground the logo and accompany the slider beautifully.


Communicating with visitors on your website requires you to think about your own journey. How well do sites display information for you to read? Are they speaking with you or at you? And how valuable is the information you have consumed?

For Kasper Larsen and their target audience, content had to be suitably written, understanding, and compelling.

This was their chance to shine through as a provider of legal expertise, and this is achieved by foregrounding their knowledge in the area as well as highlighting the relevant experience when it matters most.

What’s more, we’ve also included ‘Tell us about your case’ forms to the right of each block of text, making it easier than ever for people to get the help they need. By doing this, we are able to keep visitors at the heart of the process, ensuring the overall presence of the website is aligned with branding from the very start.

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