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Web design Canary Wharf

Flotta Consulting are a FinTech Consultancy based in Canary Wharf.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design Canary Wharf
Web Design Canary Wharf

Web design Canary Wharf

Flotta Consulting are a FinTech Consultancy based in Canary Wharf.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Canary Wharf

Helping you navigate the financial world, since 2014.

Flotta Consultancy means sound financial consulting for your company. As a major competitor in the FinTech industry, Flotta Consultancy offer everything from streamlined payment solutions to mystery shopper programmes.

They’ve partnered up with the biggest names in banking to deliver the best – now they wanted a website from Red Website Design to boost their digital presence and let more people know about them.

Our wizards got to work and produced a stunning website design for our client. Read on to see why we think this was a special one.


Design is our best friend when it comes to crafting a beautiful presence.

Why? Because we feel that visual elements are the most receptive and allow you to create that brand identity when words fail.

To take our client’s website for example, design not only looks beautiful, but ties in neatly with our client’s aim to provide an insightful and professional experience. Every time.

With warm tones of blues and crisp greys, we’re able to give this website the edge it deserves.

And what better way to throw yourself into the world than with a minimal logo with maximum statement? Our client truly helps the world revolve, as seen by rotating arrows that combine into a sphere.

But there are the small things, too, such as the icons above various textboxes, and inspiring stock images to round-off this presence. Because who wants to read text all day? Not us!


The user interface: where intelligent design meets intelligent user behaviour.

Producing an effective user interface means taking all this wonderful design and housing it in a space that works for users.

It means providing them with an experience that is memorable, responsive, and, well, usable.

Landing pages are one of the biggest casualties for high bounce rates. It means people don’t find much value in your website as soon as they arrive.

With this in mind, we knew we had to make this one work for the customer. And this meant keeping it simple when necessary, as well as having easy access to services, prices, and evidence of work.

When we first land on this homepage we’re greeted with a warm, deep blue above the fold slider. In-front of this, we have a business title, and a horizontal trio list of services:

‘digital agitators|fintech disruptors|strategists’.

Keeping it short and sweet really helps to make an even better presence, just in time for the handy ‘Our services’ Call-to-Action button.

Scrolling further down, users are met with a ‘What we do’ services bar, full with concise text and CTAs to encourage further action.

But if users are looking to be convinced, they’re in good company. Immediately underneath all of this we have three text boxes letting people know why they are so good.

Away from the homepage, you’ll find the exact same amazing interface that makes Flotta Consultancy a website that wows. On the ‘Projects’ page, to take just one example, we’ve laid out our client’s work history in a format that’s easy to read and learn more.

And all this is wrapped up nicely with a duplicate of why clients are better off with Flotta Consulstancy – making this experience consistent from the very start.


One of the best ways to implement a great brand awareness strategy, boost conversions, and add value to your users’ experience, is by maintaining a steady source of content – a blog.

Blogs are great for your business website because they improve your SEO, and they improve the user experience. And that’s good for conversions.

By having a dedicated blog page, not only can our client improve their SEO performance, they can begin to build their authority status. And that’s even better for their SERP ranking.

Social Proof

Strengthening your authority in your chosen field does amazing things for what’s called social proof.

Social proof is a phenomenon that sees our individual decision-making as being heavily influenced by decisions taken by the majority.

Think when you’re choosing between two restaurants – one empty and one full.

Or think about when you’re just about to purchase a product and you head over to the review section first.

When users make decisions to purchase your product, they do it because they see value in whatever that product is.

But there’s so much more at play. Behind the scenes, the power of social proof is truly at work. Reviews page, testimonials, accreditation logos, a high social media following, and an influencer-endorsed product are all social proof techniques that can get you ahead.

On our client’s website, you’ll see most of these visible throughout. Social proof here ensures users are in the know of why Flotta Consultancy is their next best choice.

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