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Web design Bristol

Hullabaloos is an online retailer of lemonade drinks products near Bristol.

They needed an Ecommerce website to sell their products.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Bristol
Web Design Bristol

Web design Bristol

Hullabaloos is an online retailer of lemonade drinks products near Bristol.

They needed an Ecommerce website to sell their products.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Bristol

Unleash life with a Hullabaloos.

Packed into every great-tasting bottle of Hullabaloos is hand-made freshness with twice the fun. Bottling smiles since 2014, entrepreneurs Randa and Leigh’s mission started with a small pledge: to create lemonade that isn’t ordinary lemonade.

The result? A range spanning six (and counting) flavours of lemonade – including Citrus, Raspberry, and Elderflower. Bursting with fun and quenches of aahs, Hullabaloos has become much more than its product: it’s a brand that is exciting, engaging, and unique.

And they wanted a digital presence equally as good.

So, what did we do when life gave us lemons? We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, producing a beautiful eCommerce website that is on-brand from start to finish.


When communicating those all-important brand identities, good design is one of the most important features that will help you get started. It’s what takes ideas, values, and goals, and translates them into a visual language that everyone can understand.

Our client’s branding is nothing short of unstoppable optimism, so the design had to reflect that.

A good place to get the ball rolling was the colour palette. What other colour best demonstrates Hullabaloos than a fresh, sparkling turquoise? Colour psychology can work wonders for you and your brand. As you can see, the colour palette for our client’s website, although comprising of one colour, is consistently engaging and fresh throughout.

Something beautiful happens on this website when you acknowledge the colour palette and overall design – the amazing logo is brought forward in all its natural glory.

This logo has an air of haphazard freedom to it, from the jumbly lettering to the hand-sketched colouring in of the sun. It’s almost childlike, and packed full of laughter – everything this brand represents.

And what better way to balance this out with reliable sleekness than with a Montserrat font? The off-black titles displayed in this sans-serif typeface look amazing on a white background, and communicates visual languages of crispness that’s in every bottle of Hullabaloos.

UI – User Interface

But what’s great design with a disappointing user interface? This eCommerce digital store needed an interface that worked with customers, not against them. It meant catering for their needs and wants without them knowing they had any. Above all, a good user interface in this case meant making Hullabaloos’ digital presence as accessible and responsive as possible.

Immediately landing on the homepage, we are greeted with an amazing, spacious interface that houses a large branded image, brilliant sales copy, and a CTA. Scrolling further down, other handy CTAs are there to take you to other useful pages, from events & festivals, to further details about stocking their products.

All of these features are working together to make this UI as easy as possible for visitors to use, whenever they want. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

It’s worth a little note here that, once we reach the bottom of this gorgeous website, we’re met with three accreditation badges that casually launch our client from being mere lemonade makers to fruit superheroes.

It’s good to make websites work for you. That’s why the sticky header, with all its relevant navigation pages, sticks by you through thick and thin, bringing a sigh of relief whenever you need to reach a different page.


Taking the time to produce clever, thoughtful content that’s fun to read takes your website from being a body of text to something wonderful. This is an engaging, interactive landscape full of Hullabaloo goodness, and it’s made possible by content that does more than describe.

Hullabaloos is brimming with literary devices that tease our thirst: ‘tongue-tingling flavours’ is just an example that brings product – and sales copy – to life.

Doing so improves the visitor experience by a mile – and isn’t that what it’s all about?

About Us

The About Us section for our client breaks the ice for a great-tasting experience. Being able to put a face behind the lemons really does help visitors to connect with Hullabaloos on a much more emotional level.

You can’t spell Functional without Fun is so much more than an eCommerce website. It’s a resourceful website that has a purpose: to help spread the word about flavour that’s worth talking about. They’re able to do this by adding a ‘Recipes & Cocktails’ section, helping visitors get more out of their visit.

Here, you’ll find an amazing selection of tangy recipes to try your hand at.

By doing this, Hullabaloos’ branding becomes much more engaging and relevant to customers!

We loved putting the creative juices into something special here. With our client we’ve built a website that isn’t an ordinary website. See what we can do for you today.

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