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Web design Brentwood

Focus-Payroll are an umbrella company based in Brentwood.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Brentwood
Web Design Brentwood

Web design Brentwood

Focus-Payroll are an umbrella company based in Brentwood.

They needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Web Design Brentwood

Keeping things in focus with a sharp business website.

There’s a lot in common between Red Website Design and Focus-Payroll. Not only is red our favourite colour – we like to stay focused when getting the job done.

You could say Focus-Payroll is just like any umbrella company. Only they aren’t. By having an amazing digital presence, they’re able to do what they do. Only with more oomph.

Payroll just got a whole lot better. Read below to see how the team behind the transformation got the job done.


The first thing that impresses visitors when they pay a visit to Focus-Payroll is, of course, the piercing web design that sets our client apart from their competitors.

Giving a subtle nod to the black and red world of all things finance, this design not only reflects what they do – it helps them do it better. With design like this, Focus-Payroll can make their mark, and make it loud.

It doesn’t stop at colour, though. Design means brining a payroll company into the twenty-first century, and we were able to do this with an open, enriching stock image that lies behind a short company introduction. Features like this help to break up content and diversify the viewing experience.

With the ‘above-the-fold’ section considered right down to how the image remains stationary through scrolling, it was time to get to work further below.

Here, we’ve added red icons and call-to-actions that fit neatly in-front of a clean white background. To finish it off nicely, a black footer with extra information appears on every page to give it the deserving full-stop treatment.

Away from the landing page you’ll see all this design and more, with relevant titles and text in red typeface, along with transparent stock images to give it the professional touch.

User Interface

User interface means taking all this information and bringing it to the user in a way that sparks curiosity and further engagement. In this way, we’re providing them with an experience that’s useful and memorable. And that’s how every business website should be.

Landing pages are where all the action happens, you might say. With users making their minds up within milliseconds, it was important we got the interface right here to make for an even better experience across the whole website.

Design and interface work hand in hand, and this is clearer than ever when you land on the homepage. The opening slider makes it so much easier to absorb the relevant information – such as the company introduction as well as the ‘what we do’ call to action.

And, speaking of call-to-actions, Focus-Payroll has a website that’s geared up for action. Producing timesheets is just one of the things our client does. But they do it amazingly-well. Therefore, it made sense to make it as easy as possible for users to submit theirs for a fast response.

Having a ‘Timesheets’ CTA placed top-right on the navigation bar meant users were only a click away from that service.

One thing we like to do at Red Website Design is make a smooth website experience. Business websites work so much better by helping online visitors achieve their aims.

That’s why we’ve made Focus-Payroll a website that’s just easy to navigate across and find more information. You won’t find a confusing sitemap here. Only a website that delivers what customers need quickly.


Producing great content requires knowing your audience. A key target audience for our client are businesses looking to outsource their payroll facilities. But not only that – they want to do it in as little time possible, meaning they get to do more of what they do best.

That’s why content across this whole website is concise, audience-centred, and enticing.

And by having content like this, it means having SEO that will deliver stronger search rank results.

Social media

To help spread the word about your business, you need to be thriving on social media. And to help people locate your business faster, you need to link to your website. By having social media widgets across every page, we’ve ensured users are able to connect to our client’s social media.

From there, users can follow, keep track of updates, and engage with the brand whenever they want to.

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