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Web design Antigua

The Seahouse Antigua is a holiday villa to rent in Antigua.

They required a website to showcase the accommodation and local area in order to encourage bookings.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

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Web Design Antigua
Web Design Antigua

Web design Antigua

The Seahouse Antigua is a holiday villa to rent in Antigua.

They required a website to showcase the accommodation and local area in order to encourage bookings.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Antigua

The Seahouse Antigua

The team over at The Seahouse Antigua came to Red Website Design to establish a website to showcase their luxury villa, situated in the idyllic West Indies. Designing the webpage, we had to think about how we could persuade and inform users to gain more interest and convert this to bookings.

Our primary audience we had to bear in mind was those seeking interest in the villa and the surrounding area. Afterall, if you are not interested in location, you are even less likely to want to stay there. Another point we had to bear in mind is the potential to target those looking to either get married in this location or spend their honeymoon here.

An integral component of the strategy was therefore designing a website that both promoted the villa and the local area in which it is located.

Navigation and layout

Making websites easy to navigate is essential for converting viewers into customers. A clutter-free banner with navigation buttons easily directs users to their desired pages swiftly.

Immediately underneath we have a large image displaying the villa, with an option to click through several images.

And right underneath this we have arguably one of the most integral components of your site: a welcoming introduction. Introductions are your first point of contact between you and the world, so take the time to make them warm, inviting, and enticing.

The introductory copy here is great at two things: outlining what The Seahouse Antigua is, and why you need to hear about it.

A soothing alliteration inviting users to ‘relax, refresh and recharge at “The Sea House”’ is a great closing statement and rounds off the welcome nicely!

Two important passages of text below titled ‘The House’ and ‘The Location’ advertise The Seahouse Antigua as an ideal hub for you to stay in during your visit to the island. Call-to-Action buttons are then on-hand to help visitors take the next step.

By immediately placing the price underneath the welcoming text, the website serves the purpose of being straight to the point. This is very ideal for those looking to gauge the market and seek out the best deals.


One of the striking features you are met with as you open the website is of course the colour palette. Reflecting the immediate connotations that come to life when you think of the Caribbean, we opted for blue, green, and soft turquoise colours.

The large opening image invites the user into this stunning landscape where the villa is situated and sets the tone for the rest of the webpage clearly and professionally.

Scrolling down the webpage, the blue/green theme is maintained, with Call-to-action buttons reflecting the dominant colour palette. All images used were carefully selected to display not only the beautiful scenery, but to really show off the potential of the villa as a choice of destination for potential customers. 

Font & Typeface

The Montserrat font is a suitable choice for clarity and simplicity. For these reasons it works wonderfully in oozing luxury. Clean lines and good spacing can do more than you think, and in this case, it looks great when dealing with short paragraphs.

Capitalising the navigation buttons and sub-headings further down the page reveals a professionalism that reflects quality service that is provided by The Seahouse Antigua.


We kept the logo simple but effective on this page. In-line with the page’s colour scheme, the curvy lines represent the relaxed atmosphere of the brand, and is very easy on the eye.

Interaction with Users

Interacting with your audience is integral to improving your accessibility to the online world. Several features on this website demonstrate the power of this. For example, we have included both a blog site and a contact page for our customers to learn more. 


Promoting the credibility for your organisation is especially important in the travel & tourism industry. We needed this website to reflect that demand. The Caribbean is a popular destination of choice for newlyweds and those wanting to get married. As The Seahouse Antigua offers this service, showcasing its authenticity was important.

By incorporating accreditation logos from ‘The Wedding Community’ as well as ‘Destination Wedding Directory’, we are able to place our client at the foreground of their industry as a leading and reputable provider of wedding experiences.

Social media presence

Getting your voice heard is important; by placing social media buttons on your website you can:

  • Engage with your audience through several channels
  • Allow users to share your content
  • Make it easier for users to contact you
  • Get more exposure

Linking this to the above point, by placing the social media call to action buttons underneath accreditation logos, we can really encourage people to learn more about our client and engage with them.


By keeping written copy brief yet informative, the website remains sleek and professional. These qualities really play into the brand’s key values, too!

Both subheadings ‘The House’ and ‘The Location’ are persuasive, easy to read, and informative. These are integral if you want to make your brand stand out. Moreover, they’re very short paragraphs that won’t leave the user bewildered with chunks of irrelevant text. Don’t worry too much about wanting to write all you can; more often than not, less is more with content.

All of these features are brought together to make a website that reflects the values held by The Seahouse Antigua. By providing a crisp, visually beautiful, and easy to navigate website, we are able to represent our client as a leading hospitality provider.

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