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Web design Alton

Adam Harnett is a golf instructor based in Alton.

He needed a booking and scheduling website to take bookings for his golf courses.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

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Web Design Alton
Web Design Alton

Web design Alton

Adam Harnett is a golf instructor based in Alton.

He needed a booking and scheduling website to take bookings for his golf courses.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Plans & Pricing
Web Design Alton

Golf instruction that’s on-par with the extraordinary.

If you’re unfamiliar with Adam Harnett, then you’ve come to the right place. Ever since becoming a member of the PGA in 2008, Harnett has built a professional reputation in the sport for providing the very best instruction and expertise to clients around the world.

With an armoury of cutting edge analytics and the latest in sports data software, Harnett utilises the best tools to produce the best students. Hailed by the world’s #7 golf instructor Jim Hardy as ‘one of the best’ out there, our client’s standing in the sport is unrivalled.

Taking his game one step further, Adam got in touch with Red Website Design to establish a digital home for his professional services.

To see why we’re so enthusiastic about this website, have a little read below.


It was only right that a service providing the very best should look the very best. The design of is impeccably forward-thinking, crisp, and sleek, with many complimentary design features that work together to produce something special.

We’re greeted with a spacious slider, for instance, that opens this digital presence up and inspires a web presence that truly belongs in the 21st century.

Several CTA’s feature on these rotating sliders that inspire the customer’s journey, and we’ve added several quotes and titles in white to make this voice heard.

Scrolling down the website, you can’t help but notice the amazing purple and white colour scheme that interweaves great website design with even better functionality. The whole structure of this website is aided by this palette, as we’re able to foreground CTA’s, navigation headers, and important text blocks.

In addition, purple is just the right colour to tie the strings of sportsmanship and undiminished professionalism together, revealing a website that’s on-brand from start to finish.

Logos have the power to take this sort of branding one step further. The logo for our client is intuitive and functional. If you look closer at the hole-in-one trajectory that travels over the distant hill, you can suddenly make out the AH initials. It’s this kind of design that remains memorable and  fresh in customer’s minds, and goes a long way to capturing inspiration that drives you and your mission.

On the whole, the design of imbues creativity, reflects core branding values, and opens the website up for visitors. But to make this accessible, our user interface had to be bang-on.

UI – User Interface

If you take a look at this website, you’ll immediately appreciate how easy and accessible it is to use. Curating a usability that responds well to the needs and wants of visitors will propel your digital presence into one that makes people return.

We’ve managed to achieve this kind of usability by making a website that’s functional, and has all the relevant information in the right place, and at the right time. Anticipating your visitor’s browsing habits and requirements can ensure your user interface is much more personalised and intelligent.

It’s a good idea to think about how you might use a similar website, keeping in mind the many variables that come into play. The customer journey has become much more fluid, so it’s a good idea to build a UI that recognises this.

Scrolling down the website, not only can visitors learn more about Adam, but they can get stuck into his services without having to go looking for them. The lesson options, laid out in a single row and all accompanied by CTA’s, are positioned perfectly, with descriptions kept brief and concise. Features like these have enabled our client’s website to be responsive and functional, helping to make their experience that little bit easier.

Clicking on ‘Lesson Packages’, to take just one example, transports us to an informative and engaging page that tells us everything we need to know, from what’s included right the way through to pricing. Being this transparent and informative leaves no space for second-guessing, and guarantees that your visitors know exactly what they can get for their money.

Testimonials & Accreditations

And with an amazing ‘What People are Saying’ section, visitors can view and appreciate how trust-worthy and respectable our client’s services are.

Social proof is what gets the word out from people who have first-hand experience of your service. By incorporating a testimonials/reviews page onto your homepage, visitors are able to provide honest feedback that will make your services much more credible and authentic. Whilst it’s good to show confidence in your products and services, visitors would much rather prefer it coming from a real, paying customer.

And displayed just above these, we’ve included several logos of sporting organisations to show just why our client is the very best.

Social media

As every modern website should, our client’s website features several social media icons and a social feed to help their visitors stay connected. With a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed all active on this website, our client’s accessibility is greatly improved with an always-on presence.

How does our web design process work?


You’ll submit your web design brief via a simple online form.


We’ll send over your initial draft within 5-10 working days.


You’ll request changes and send over your final content.


We’ll get your site live and let Google know you exist.

Cheap website designers in Alton

Alton, Hampshire, is the place to be for any golfing business. With perfect scenery, transport links, and an amazing community spirit, it’s no wonder our golfing client decided to throw down their clubs and call it home.

In case you didn’t know, Adam Harnett Golf Instruction provides amazing golfing tutorship from the golfing expert himself.

And he’s pretty well known in the golfing academic community – just ask Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell.

With all this success on the green, it was time Adam Harnett took his business online with a website that wows.

So, we did what we do best. We teed up and delivered a hole-in-one website.

We’ll stop with the golfing puns for now.

But we do need to discuss how we can help your Alton online business thrive with a low-cost, high-quality website.

For our client, we designed a booking and scheduling website so they could take online bookings and, quite simply, do business better.

Because that’s what we’re all about here.

And, as they received access to the WordPress Content Management, they were now able to streamline their communications with Alton clients on a simple, easy-to-manage graphical user interface.

Whether it’s for scheduled services, hire and rentals, or simply taking bookings for your dance class – our £249 bookings website brings you closer to better business and better customer service.

So, if your Alton business is looking for low-cost, high-quality solutions, Red Website Design have your back.

We’ll admit, we’re not pro golfers, but we do know how to make websites that will help you avoid the rough.

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