Joseph Surgical

Project Description


Jonathan Joseph is an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant based in London.

He needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase his services and locations.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Website Design for Joseph Surgical
Website Design for Joseph Surgical


Jonathan Joseph is an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant based in London.

He needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase his services and locations.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.


Entering the home-page you are met with a clutter-free, open environment which allows you to navigate easily across the various sections.

The placement of the navigation buttons immediately under the logo direct the user freely to our client’s services. They’re often one-word, too, allowing for more simplicity.

We really wanted to make Mr Joseph’s presence professional and effective. Placing his title in the centre of the page in large typeface allowed us to put Mr Joseph at the heart of the website. A clear, concise description of his services below means that less time is spent trying to find out who he is and what he does.

By placing a limited number of navigation buttons at the top of the page horizontally, the services offered by Mr Joseph are foregrounded and made clear to see for the viewer.


As this project involves the medical industry, we wanted to emphasise the importance of trustworthiness, accountability, and transparency. All the while retaining Mr Joseph’s professionalism.

This meant adding features that makes Mr Joseph easy to reach. For example, contact details are situated both in the header and footer of the website, alongside a dedicated ‘Contact’ page.

Call-to-action buttons feature throughout the webpage, encouraging people to ‘Find out more’, ‘read more’, and ‘contact’. Since many of the CTA buttons are of similar colour to the primary website design, they easily stand out.

Placing a professional-style portrait image of Mr. Joseph next to a concise biography not only helps our client stand out, but places a more human feel to the webpage. As many people tend to think of the medical industry as quite clinical and detached, we wanted to make sure our client and his services are open to the public as much as possible.

Logo & Signage

Designing a logo is a fundamental component of voicing you and your brand. For our client, we needed to encapsulate his vision, services, and tone in one image. Looking at a side-profile of a head, including a cross-section of the throat, we can see clearly that the logo represents specialist practices of an ENT nature.

Immediately to the right of the logo we have the title: ‘Joseph Surgical Services’. It’s short, snappy, and does the job perfectly. The larger typeface for ‘Joseph’ is great for making our client more memorable, too.

The psychology of shapes in marketing can really make a difference to your brand. In our case, the choice of a circular shape is often unconventional, allowing for a more noticeable presence. Circular shapes are also clean, open, and inviting, allowing for greater viewing optimisation.

On a side note, the side profile image fits better into a circle than any other shape. This makes it easier to foreground the actual services on offer and focuses the user on the product. 


Choosing a colour palette for our client needed to reflect the industry, subject matter, and the professional tone we wanted to get across to the user.

The healthcare industry relies on blues and whites to emphasise cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. Not only is this good for our client; by using soft shades of blue against white, the website is easy on the eye. Further, limiting the palette to two colours keeps the website both refreshing and modern – ideal for the medical industry.


Open Sans light is both functional and simple, offering smooth, clean lines and a natural feel. The text is easy to read on all platforms, making this choice perfect for our client and his industry. 

A trustworthy track-record

Foregrounding the professional experience of Mr Joseph was crucial to ensuring a positive user experience. At Red Website Design, we have curated a website where our client’s professional experience, history, and development is easily accessible to the public.

You’ll notice there are a few features to fulfil this objective.

First, there are accreditation logos from several trusted organisations, ranging from academia to public health services. These are important to not only reflect the integrity of our client and his qualified status, but to assure the public that his services fulfil all rigorous standards set by regulatory bodies.

Second, we have our testimonials page, allowing users to review the experience of previous clients. Testimonial pages are great if you want to showcase your abilities; they let your talents speak for themselves.

Not only that, but the social proof power increases on your website, and adds credibility to your services.

Recommendations from trustworthy bodies are instrumental for services of a medical nature. ‘myHealthSpecialist’ is a website allowing people to search a directory of specialists that doctors recommend. The presence of a ‘myHealthSpecialist’ widget informs users that Mr Joseph is an NHS-recommended practitioner.

Additionally, to make our client’s online presence more impactful, we have included a Doctify widget. Doctify is a web and app service that makes it easier for you to locate, compare, and book medical professionals across the United Kingdom. By enabling this on Mr Joseph’s homepage, users can acknowledge that our client is backed not only by the medical industry, but by real clients who certify professionals as recommended.

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