Feel Glammed

Project Description


Feel Glammed are a makeup retailer.

They needed an online shop to sell their products online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.


Feel Glammed are a makeup retailer.

They needed an online shop to sell their products online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer needed a digital hub for their products. As we’re a leading web design company it only made sense that we worked together to deliver a product that spoke for itself.

Delivering to over 200 countries across Europe, our client’s vision is global, and so is ours. Have a read below to see how we worked together to deliver a website that works.


Having a website full of intuitive, engaging content is worthless without good design to house it. If your website doesn’t look like a good website, it certainly won’t make a lasting impression on visitors. First impressions really do matter in this case, so getting it right was a top priority for us.

The pink colour palette may seem like an obvious choice, but it works well for getting across brand voice and identity here. It’s fresh, professional, and adds clarity. It’s consistent across the whole website, too, ensuring brand identity remains solid and recognisable.

Designing the logo meant thinking about how we wanted our client to be perceived by consumers and B2B clients alike. The minimalist female figure with swooshing hair gives a great look and communicates professionalism, creativity, and style – exactly the kind of values we wanted to push.

When utilised to their full potential, sliders can really make your digital presence unique and cutting-edge. For our client, the sliders really open the website up and makes the very best use of space available. By adding professional images to support their products, the website looks and feels modern and relevant.


“Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.”

— Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer

Great UX is achieved by simplicity. Making it as simple as possible for your customers to get from A to B is, at its core, what great UX is all about.

Our client’s website is concise, simple, and spacious, ensuring the customer journey remains swift and accessible.

For example, several CTAs are on-hand throughout the website to help visitors find the right products they are looking for, and, when they do, can easily add items to their basket and continue shopping! This is an example of how essential good UX is for the buying journey – you want to make the process as simple as you can. More options and hoops to jump through = greater chances of cart abandonment.

Social media & Engagement

Visitors like to feel appreciated and valued. Engaging with your audience is crucial if your brand is going to thrive in the digital landscape. By regularly communicating with your target audience and asking for feedback, your brand becomes much more emotional and personified, as opposed to sterile and distant.

Social media plays a huge role in this. By including their feeds on our client’s website, we’re able to make their brand much more connected, relevant, and on-trend.

There’s an opportunity to get in touch with our client, too, through the ‘Contact Us’ page, and customers can even leave reviews.

Reviews are great for social proof – getting your word out gets customers in.