Network Rocket

Project Description


Network Rocket is a LinkedIn recruitment agency based in Berkhamsted.

They needed a brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.


Network Rocket is a LinkedIn recruitment agency based in Berkhamsted.

They needed a brochure style website to showcase their services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Helping to launch the careers of clients who aim for the stars, Network Rocket connect businesses to their audiences so that they don’t have to.

Taming a fiery passion for networking, LinkedIn Guru Scott noticed a slight problem that I’m sure many of us face: reaching out to potential customers can be all-too time consuming on-top of busy day-jobs.

And so was borne Network Rocket, an inexpensive LinkedIn networking agency that utilises the best possible tools and insider knowledge of LinkedIn to help get people ahead.

Requiring a brochure-style website that no one could refuse, Scott approached Red Website Design to help their clients truly live long and prosper.

Have a read below to see how we made this happen.

UI – User Interface

“People ignore design that ignores people”
– Frank Chimero, Designer

There’s a lot behind this quotation from Frank Chimero, designer and author of The Shape of Design. Ensuring a user-interface recognises and acknowledges the presence of a user goes a long way to making that experience more memorable and enjoyable.

For Network Rocket, we had to ensure that a special kind of UI existed to meet visitor requirements and to make that experience a much more valuable. There are many networking agencies out there – it was our job to propel Scott above the rest.

Understanding that our client’s core purpose was to encourage people to outsource their networking efforts to make life that little bit easier, UI in this case meant tailoring an experience around the service, and making sure the customer journey was always aligned with business objectives.

The key to this was simplicity, redefined – getting the website to say this is what we do, and this is why we need to be heard.

The homepage itself is nice and inviting, and seamlessly gets the visitor on the way with their journey. Below a lovely slider we have an introductory passage of text that introduces our client to visitors in a way that is more hello than read this.

Accompanied with icons underneath are several blocks of text that further outline Network Rocket’s core services that guide prospective customers through the process – and why it will be worth it.

Adding to this growing sense of value attached to our client’s service, we’ve included an example case study underneath, giving people a brief overview of what they can expect from Network Rocket – to the side are handy facts and figures to beef all this engaging content up.

Rounding off this experience, we’ve placed a ‘View our Packages’ CTA which is a perfect opportunity to carry the customer journey forward.

Away from the homepage, we’ve ensured this kind of accessible and informative UI runs throughout, making sure that content is valuable, honest, and easily-digestible.

And on the bottom of every page we’ve made CTAs and contact details accessible at all times, meaning our client stays in-touch and always-on.

Overall, we’ve built a UI that really does acknowledge the presence of visitors as well as being suitably aligned with principle goals.


There’s no shying away from it: good UI depends on good design to make this kind of experience enjoyable. Without good design, websites with otherwise solid, engaging content, will appear out of touch and out of date in the expansive digital landscape.

Selecting the colour palette was our opportunity to make this website really shine. Reflecting professional and reliable tones, deep and pale blues here really work for our client. This palette can be seen across the board, making it a consistent experience and one that is easily associable.

It can also be seen in the logo – a visual language that perfectly communicates what this brand stands for.

Pictures and icons can work unspeakable wonders for your website. Evenly breaking up text and statistics, ours are nice and minimal, giving our client a modern and engaging tone.

Staying Connected

It makes sense that a networking agency should want to stay connected with audiences, right?

Throughout the website we’ve ensured that all social media widgets are visible, making connecting online even simpler.

A handy FAQ page is also on-hand so that people know exactly what to expect.

And when it comes to ensuring you are accessible, there’s nothing better than a ‘get in touch’ CTA!