Jonathan Stanley

Project Description


Jonathan Stanley is a life coach Covering the UK.

He needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase his services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.


Jonathan Stanley is a life coach Covering the UK.

He needed a standard, brochure style website to showcase his services.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Jonathan’s Personal Coaching challenges people to challenge themselves.

With over 25 years’ experience in the life coaching industry, Jonathan’s mission is to transform people’s outlook – both of the world and of themselves. Helping to positively shape the way people think about their lives, their challenges, and their aspirations, our client has added immense value to those he works with.

Jonathan finds in his personal development work a chance to make a difference, and this is reflected in the many testimonials he’s received over the years.

This is the kind of motivation that drives Red Website Design through the week, too, and we couldn’t get started with building a website for a client that strives to help others.

Read below to see how we took a design brief and turned it into something truly inspiring.


Crafting intuitive design was our opportunity to welcome Jonathan’s branding into the digital world – and then some.

We needed positive design that nurtured the right kind of values, for the right reasons, and to the right audience. Calming blues, greys, and whites fill this website from front to back, leaving a spacious digital landscape that welcomes creativity and free-thinking. It provides a clean-slate feel and works wonderfully well Jonathan’s mission.

By doing so, we’re able to not only communicate a sleek, professional presence for our client – we’re also able to reflect the very friendliness that makes our client so endeared by his clients.

Pursuing such brand identities is also made possible by a relaxed, sans serif Montserrat typeface, which says more come on in than this is my website. Untapping the potential of fonts will help you in ways you didn’t think possible. A typeface is a major tool you can use to accompany and promote your branding; done right, you can create a visual language that can’t be put into words.

Moving away from the homepage, we’re happy to see a consistency that can be counted on, and helps to engage visitors with the very same brand voice they were first greeted with.

UI – User Interface

And this consistency is achieved by having a great user interface that sparks curiosity and guides visitors through their journey with ease.

Approaching Jonathan’s website, we knew we needed to produce a UI that helps potential customers achieve any given task that they require. It’s about fulfilling their needs and wants,  and having a responsive interface there whenever they need it.

For our client, the user interface is effortlessly simple and clear, making way for an open and breathable digital space. By having the navigation bar accessible and visible through a sticky header, we’re able to help Jonathan help his clients get where they need.

Again, consistency was key here. On every page we’ve got text boxes situated on the left, and are commonly accompanied by a crisp, high quality image of Jonathan – helping his branding engage with visitors in a meaningful way.

In this respect, UI remains useful, and optimised to allow for greater accessibility across each page.


Personal development means a personal presence of Jonathan and a personalised experience for visitors.  Across our client’s website there are several features that facilitate this, whether it’s the images of Jonathan, or the About Me page that promotes trust in his services.

Dotted throughout this website, too, are friendly and actionable CTAs that encourage people to make that next step in their lives. These are placed where people would need them most – after sections of text and next to the navigation bar. By doing this, we’re able to create a customer journey that is meaningful, naturally-occurring, and one that places the visitor in full control.


Content can either be two things: time-wasting or purposeful.

For Jonathan’s website, content here is meaningful and client-centred, speaking to visitors as if they’re in the room. Rhetorical questions challenge visitors to make a start on their journey, while ‘let’s talk’ subheadings add a much more collectivised and relaxed tone.  

Social proof

Having people speak for you can be hugely beneficial for your business. There’s nothing like a recommendation from a friend or a happy customer; it testifies a product or service, and helps you to make those purchasing decisions.

Leveraging social proof can really put your service out there, and works great if you’re getting started. For our client, the ‘My Clients Say…’ is a great page that lists his previous customers’ experiences and why they found it so valuable. They’re so much more than reviews; they’re personal advocates that speak for you.