The Kent Wellness Festival

Project Description


The Kent Wellness Festival are a wellness festival based on Kent.

They needed an online shop to sell their tickets online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.


The Kent Wellness Festival are a wellness festival based on Kent.

They needed an online shop to sell their tickets online.

You can view a screenshot of the home page below.

Have you ever wanted to pursue inner-peace, self-empowerment, and mindfulness through fitness, spirituality, or perhaps yoga? The Kent Wellness Festival is a celebration of the wellness industry and strives to bring people together to achieve liberation of the mind.

Our client reached out to us to establish something of a digital sanctuary where they could spread their mission and connect with like-minded people online.

Read on below to discover how we transformed a design brief into a functional, digital hub that would strengthen our client’s purpose.


Let’s start off by looking at how we’ve made good design work wonders for our client. With visitors spending, on average, less than a second deciding what they think about your website, we had to ensure our client’s looked and felt right.

The first thing you’ll notice across this website is the striking-yet-soothing purple colour palette that adds a creative, calming pulse right through each page.

If you didn’t know already – colour is important and can make or break a website.

Chances are, it’s unlikely you’ll come across a similar colour scheme on a funeral directors’ website, or, say, one for a healthcare centre. (To play Devil’s advocate, this is actually a great way to stand out if you get it right.)

That’s why we thought it was crucial that we worked with our client closely to develop a palette that reflects true brand voice and purpose throughout the customer experience.

Purple emits the combined energies of red and blue together. While red communicates intensity, strength, and passion, we’re reminded of calm, reflection, and peace from blue.

This ensures that The Kent Wellness Festival is a website that truly voices our client’s mission – and only thoughtful design can do that.

Good design can make your branding go further. In the case of our client, we really wanted the design to communicate openness, freedom, and confidence. And when we arrive on the homepage, we can see these various values coming together. For example, the various sliders contain inspirational and often scenic images that introduce the branding nicely.

There isn’t a barrage of content hitting you straightaway, either. By keeping content limited, we’re able to maximise space and clarity, and really reflect our client’s message.

But when content is needed, it works well. Below the sliders we are met with an informative welcoming section that is perfect for their target audience.

And once visitors have read this, they are met with four CTA buttons with high-quality images, guiding them to the various webpages. (Don’t you just love it when things fall into place?)

From here, prospective customers can book classes, find out more about workshops, enquire about the daily spas, and book their place as an exhibitor.

This is a great example of how innovative design can work together to open up a website and transform it into a modern, engaging resource.

A website not only needs to look good, however. It needs to function and operate as a meaningful digital destination would. This means making it easy for visitors to do what they need to do; making it easy to find what they need to find. And, above all, making them feel part of the brand.


A good user interface helps your customer interact with your service. It’s an incredibly important feature of any website, and can encourage those all-too-important B2C relationships that drive conversions.

To develop good UI, you need to know your overriding purpose. Why does your service exist? What are you there to do? In the case of our client, we had to make sure people could discover more about the Wellness Festival without having to scramble for the relevant pages. And that meant functionality.

Having the navigation bar easily accessible on this website was a priority, and, thanks to the great colour palette we talked about earlier, this has made it so much easier for the visitor to see and use.

Every page on this website serves a purpose. Whilst this may seem like an obvious requirement, having excess pages just to beef up content can really dilute your branding.

Overall, the finished product is a website that ultimately serves one purpose – to help people discover a service that will help them discover themselves.