Starlets Beauty

Project Description


Starlets Beauty are a beauty and massage studio based in Potters Bar.

They required a standard, brochure style website to showcase their treatments and to accept bookings.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.


Starlets Beauty are a beauty and massage studio based in Potters Bar.

They required a standard, brochure style website to showcase their treatments and to accept bookings.

You can view a screenshot of their home page below.

‘Starlets’ are a luxurious vintage boutique based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. They offer bespoke, celebrity-endorsed beauty services ranging from facials, manicures, and pedicures – to waxing, holistic massages and specialist spa packages.

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of early twentieth-century Hollywood glamour, the professionals at Starlets offer a unique service to clients who wish to receive a luxury vintage experience. Further to this, Starlets are available to clients who wish to incorporate Hollywood Moderne as part of a wider beauty routine.

In this respect, Starlets are successful in operating within a specialised, niche market, placing them ahead of standard salon and beauty establishments who offer regular treatments. A brochure-style website was required for our client, helping them to get heard.

At Red Website Design, the values held close to our client were incorporated right from the initial design brief, all the way through to the website handover. This was crucial if we were to produce a website that feels right.

With these brand values in mind, we got to work. Have a read below to find out more.

Website Layout

In typical Red Website fashion, we wanted to ensure this website spoke clarity, confidence, and accessibility. The Customer service factor was especially important, given the nature of our client’s business. Ease of navigation had to be a focus throughout.

Entering the webpage, we are immediately greeted with ‘Boutique Beauty studio’, highlighting exactly the services our client offers.

As usual, horizontal navigation buttons are clear, and help the user to navigate across the various pages. The ‘Book Now’ CTA button immediately to the right of these ensures that taking time to find out how to book is virtually non-existent for prospective and returning customers. Always handy!

Inviting the reader to step into this vintage world, the downward-facing arrow at the bottom of the slider encourages users to the next crucial area of the website: the welcome section. Welcome sections, as you are aware, are your first point of call with your customers. Alongside being great for SEO, they are your opportunity to put yourself out there.

Scrolling further down, we are met with a convenient services selection, outlining the various products and services on offer to customers. This is a great way to showcase your best and most popular products. If you are looking to trial a new product, it’s worth putting it here.

Naturally, a gallery with a selection of vintage portraits are provided underneath this section. These offer inspiration and contribute nicely to the page’s ambience and mood.


The design element formed an invaluable component of the overall process; we had to combine the brief and brand values, and communicate these to the public in a sophisticated way.


The first thing we notice about the website when we enter are the fabulous colour palettes. The soft shades of pink (#eac9c0), white, and black ooze understated tones of sophistication. Done right, colour has the power to transform your brand and really get across your values.


If any logo is to represent the art deco and moderne cultural movements of the twentieth century, then this is it. The middle arms on the Es are placed below of centre, and we have incorporated blocks of geometric shapes. These reflect beautifully the fashionable art movement that centres around our client.


Choosing Montserrat provides a creative and professional breathing space that works perfectly for our client.


Words are important. So are pictures.

Images prevent your webpages becoming burdened with content. Chances are, your audience don’t want to scroll aimlessly down a page that’s filled with text. By adding tailored images throughout your website, you make it more engaging and less like a newspaper.

The images selected for this website are of the décor style, and really complement our client’s brand voice.


Reading through the website, you’ll notice the copy is engaging, enticing, and very illustrious.

“At Starlets we believe in doing more than just the basics. Our vintage inspired service is a tribute to old Hollywood glamour and beauty, for Bombshells of all ages.”

This is a great way to introduce the brand to clients. It’s short, inclusive, and sets out the mission perfectly!

Starlets are proud to offer natural products that are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and good for the skin. This reassures prospective customers and returning visitors who support this endeavour. It’s great to see this kind of support in the beauty industry.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Starlets for this one.

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