Graphic Designer

Hi everyone! I’m Meg and I work as a graphic designer at Red.

Since joining the team I’ve been producing many of our infographics, flyers, and online ads. Me and my trusty drawing tablet are best buddies, and there’s nothing I love more than using my imagination to produce beautiful images for our customers.

In 2014, I left Penketh College with an A*, C, and D in Digital Art, Sociology, and Psychology respectively.

After leaving education, I had several jobs working as a freelancer as well as a motion tracker for Cubic Motion.

In my spare time, I love running my own little business called Hoodie Buddies, producing wonderful and wacky accessories with my own signature style!

I’m easy-going, fun-loving and the pursuer of happiness. Outside of the office you can find me on the Karaoke singing ABBA, looking after my lovely dog, and generally loving life with my twin sister.

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