We lost almost 50% of our recurring monthly revenue overnight…

Whilst it was very easy for us to switch to working from home, as all we really need is a computer with an internet connection, it was impossible for a lot of our clients to continue trading, or at least at normal levels.

It was at this point I discovered just how much of the events, catering and entertainment industries we served, as we lost a number of clients in these sectors who had been shut down completely, or had our spend reduced due to their own budget restrictions.

It happened pretty much overnight, in the March of the first lockdown.

Whilst we saw a mini-boom of entrepreneurs quickly setting up COVID-friendly businesses in the few months afterwards, resulting in some good growth in new website customers for a short time, the extended periods of lockdown had a long-lasting effect on our existing clients and their ability and need to pay for recurring marketing.

The loss in revenue forced me to experiment with, and learn more about, paid ads, something I had never really invested in before. I had always relied on our organic Google and social media presence to generate new business, so never had the need to spend time and money on ads.

So, if there’s one positive to take from COVID, it’s that we’re now able to offer ads management as a service to clients as a result.