My son James was diagnosed with Leukaemia in April 2018…

The first few months were incredibly difficult, with most of my time being spent at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital whilst he received chemotherapy.

Not only did I have the mental strain of my son’s illness to contend with, trying to juggle the business put incredible strain on me physically too. I was back to working early mornings and late evenings for a number of months.

After his initial treatment was finished there was another 3 years of medicine and regular hospital visits, but I’m pleased to say he has now fully recovered, he rang the end-of-treatment bell in June 2021.

To say thanks, I now dedicate what time I can to raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Find out more here.

I’m incredibly proud that I steered the business through such a challenging time, and it gave me a renewed hope and ambition to grow the business.

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