I registered the Red Website Design domain on November 21st 2011…

As the web design work got too much to be a side-hustle, I decided it was time to launch as an actual web design company.

I didn’t spend too much time thinking of the company name, I just went with my favourite colour (no allegiance to LFC here).

I started winding down my previous business to spend more time on the web design work, and more importantly the marketing of the new business.

I started blogging; sharing infographics on all things marketing, which helped me quickly build a large social media following.

I was quickly moving up the rankings on Google too, for people searching for relevant web design terms.

It only took a year or so and the old business was pretty much closed down, Red Website Design was generating enough work to pay the bills.

Things moved on from that very quickly, with first page rankings generating a load of new business.

I was working 90+ hour weeks to keep up the demand, and Vicky (my wife and business partner) was filling in on the admin side of things where she could.

It eventually got too much for us both to handle, so it was time to grow

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