I created my first website in 2007…

I was running a B2B telecoms company at the time, selling mobile and fixed line solutions to small businesses.

I had used a couple of other designers up to that point, and whilst the sites they created looked good, they just didn’t rank well on Google.

I thought I could do a better job if I built the site myself. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I got to work learning how to use a range of design software, but more importantly, I taught myself how to rank my site higher on Google.

Because there’s no point having a nice looking website if nobody can find it!

My business quickly started to grow, even through the 2008 recession, which didn’t go unnoticed amongst my friends and family and the people they knew.

They all wanted a piece of the action, so I started creating websites for people I knew too.

I had the perfect side hustle, something I really enjoyed doing (‘cos let’s face it, selling phones for a living is no fun), and I was helping people I knew along the way.

Things started to get too busy for it to be a side hustle though, so I had a big choice to make…

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