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Just need something simple to tell people what you do? A standard, brochure style website is for you.



Want to sell products and take payments in an online shop? An Ecommerce website is for you.



Want to accept bookings with or without payments? A booking and scheduling website is for you.



Got products to display but don’t need online payments? A catalogue style site is right for you.



Just want to update your visitors with news and articles? A blog website is what you need.



If you have requirements that don’t seem to fit with our generic packages contact us for a quote.




We won’t flog you a template, we’ll create something unique that makes you stand out from your competition.


You can request as many revisions to your website as you like, you won’t go live until you are 100% happy with it.


Your site will respond to the device being used, providing a first-class mobile browsing experience for your visitors.


Edit your website design and content any time you like using the free WordPress content management system.


We can include forms, maps, image and video galleries, social media and Google Analytics integration and more.


Want your website to be found on Google? We will optimise your site for your target keywords and phrases.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow website. We provide fast hosting to keep your visitors happy.


If you haven’t already arranged your domain and email we can provide that for you, or you can use your own.

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We could rave on about how good we THINK we are, but first we’ll let our customers tell you how good they KNOW we are.

It’s thanks to our reviews that we are ranked the UK’s number one web design company on the Which Web Design Company website.

Website Design for AEH Aviation

Excellent service, very professional and the build exceeded my expectations.

They kept me informed throughout the whole build process, ensuring the work was to my satisfaction and within my time limits.

Cost wise they were very competitive and were able to deliver a streamlined process from start to finish.

Mark – AEH Avsec Consultants

Website Design for KL Driver Training

A superb company to work with, my every needs where adhere to very promptly. Would highly recommend.

Every part of the process was very easy to deal with. I felt a part of the process throughout the journey. I was kept informed of what was going to happen next which was very refreshing.

I was very happy with the final outcome.

Kenny LawrenceKL Driver Training

Website Design for CDDC

Red Website Design were recommended to me by my partner who used them last year and rates them highly.

I gave Mark from Red a very loose brief of my requirements and he came back within a few days with a draft that way exceeded my expectations.

It’s rare to find companies that offer true value for money these days.

Dave, Coopers Due Diligence

Website Design for Donald's Rump

We contacted Mark and his team and they very quickly got a handle on what needed to be done.

The whole process has been entirely painless; Mark acts quickly and accurately on draft revisions and we are really pleased with the end result.

It’s such a relief when a developer ‘gets’ what we are trying to acheive. It makes everything so much easier.

Jon Crawford, Donald’s Rump

Website Design for Flotta Consulting

From the very beginning of our engagement, Mark and his team provided insight, clarity and were always responsive and timely.

The team at Flotta Consulting are delighted with the outcome and help we received from Mark and the Red Website Design team.

Andrew Doukanaris
Flotta Consulting Limited

Website Design for Choc A Lot

The designer was prompt in response to any requests and detail. Was very happy with the final design content.

Despite me making quite a few changes, Mark carried the work out promptly to my satisfaction. Finding Red Website Design made things a lot easier.


Website Design for TCHL

I’m not a person who is usually easily impressed but I’ve got to say everything about the service from Red website design has been above and beyond.

Everything from my initial enquiry through to go live has been speedy, professional and nothing has been too much trouble for Mark and the team.

Carl Lesh
TCHL Interiors Ltd

Website Design for Little Druids Nursery

I have been communicating with Mark and Matt over the last few weeks and the service they delivered has been and, continues to be, exemplary.

Outstanding service, amazing value, great product and they have made every effort to go above and beyond for my business needs.

Anthony Dooling
Little Druids Nursery Ltd

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Our small team of design and marketing experts are all UK based. We understand your environment and can help you grow your business.


We post free tips every day in our blog. If you don’t have the budget to outsource your marketing we’ll help you do it yourself.


We’ve built a social media community in excess of 150,000 followers. We know how to do social media, we can help you do the same.


We’ve ranked hundreds of websites on the first page of Google. We understand SEO and can help achieve great results for you too.

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Not sure what you want your website to look like? Take a look at some of the websites we’ve created for other customers below.

Website Design for Ettie Shop

Ettie is a modern, exclusively British fashion brand that’s about to become your favourite.

Offering dress-to-kill, seasonal collections inspired by the very best catwalk trends, Ettie means cutting edge fashion with signature style.

They partnered with us to establish a bespoke eCommerce digital store-front to house their newest looks and latest products.

We loved working with our client on this one. Have a read below to see how we went from design brief to a sleek digital space.

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Website Design for Joseph Surgical

Mr Jonathan Joseph is a Consultant ENT Surgeon working at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital as well as the Royal Free Hospital.

He is a leading Consultant in his field, specialising in treating adults and children with rhinological and other ENT diseases.

Mr Jonathan Joseph came to Red Website Design to make his medical services available to view online.

We have established a brochure-style website that both reflects his medical professionalism as well as accessibility.

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Website Design for Logix Books

LogixBooks are our book wizards, helping scientists record their findings in laboratory books made from the highest craftsmanship.

These aren’t your average lab books, either. These are ISO 9706-certified, Library Buckram’d, casebounded, section sewn, and custom-made lab books.

The team over at LogixBooks required a standard eCommerce website to list their products and shout about their amazing services.

Have a read below to find out how we took a design brief and created our very own Eureka! moment.

Take a Look
Website Design for Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan’s Personal Coaching challenges people to challenge themselves.

Helping to positively shape the way people think about their lives, their challenges, and their aspirations, our client has added immense value to those he works with.

This is the kind of motivation that drives us through the week, too, and we couldn’t wait to get started with building a website for a client that strives to help others.

Read below to see how we took a design brief and turned it into something truly inspiring.

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Website Design for Network Rocket

Taming a fiery passion for networking, LinkedIn Guru Scott noticed a slight problem that I’m sure many of us face: reaching out to potential customers can be all-too time consuming on-top of busy day-jobs.

And so was borne Network Rocket, an inexpensive LinkedIn networking agency that utilises the best possible tools and insider knowledge of LinkedIn to help get people ahead.

Requiring a brochure-style website that no one could refuse, Scott approached Red Website Design to help their clients truly live long and prosper.

Have a read below to see how we made this happen.

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Website Design for CI Informatics

CI informatics are the guardians of scientific knowledge, they specialise in chromatography data software.

Combining a love of scientific research and development, they help leading companies in the petroleum and chemical industries.

And these aren’t just ordinary companies. Our client has worked with the likes of Exxon, P&G, and BP, building up credible business partnerships in research and software development.

Have a read below to discover how we worked together to build something special.

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Website Design for Charing Cross Practice

Charing Cross Practice is a referral dental practice located in the heart of Norwich.

Opened by Richard Crosby and Maya Desai in 2003, it offers more specialist dental surgery, including prosthodontic and endodontic (root canal) treatments.

They approached us to establish a comprehensive, informative, and local resource where they could digitally house their operations.

We knew we wanted to make a website fit for a modern, leading dental surgery. So, we stuck our teeth into it and got to work. Have a read below to find out more.

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Website Design for Apex Partners

We know how time-consuming and it can be to get your accounts in order. However, I think we can all breath a collective sigh of relief because the team over at Apex are here to save the day.

These financial superheroes have been helping SMEs grow and realise their true potential, utilising the latest technology and financial software.

They approached us to hand-craft a beautiful, cutting edge accountancy website that ticks all the right boxes.

Accountants aren’t always intimidating – these are a good bunch. We like them so much, we’d love to talk about them a bit more below.

Take a Look
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You’ll submit your design brief via a simple online form.


We’ll send over your initial draft within 5-10 working days.


You’ll request changes and send over your final content.


We’ll get your site live and let Google know you exist.

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Here you’ll find a few infographics we have created to help you as you start your website design journey.

If your business is not online, it’s missing out on opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere.

The future is online – that’s why it’s crucial your business is there to tap into the potential of the digital sphere.

And with so many of us having access to the internet to find products and services, your business could be the one a customer needs just at the right time.

Still need to be convinced? We share 7 of the most important reasons your small business deserves a website in this infographic.

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Is your business ready for a high-flying website that will place you on the digital map?

First thing’s first. You’ll need to install a cheap (or even free), easy-to-use website builder. Afterall, you’ll need to keep costs down. Plus, how hard can it be? You’ve seen adverts everywhere online claiming you can be up and running with a professional website in no time.

Stop. It’s not that simple.

If you’re thinking of going online with your business we share 6 reasons why you shouldn’t rush in with a website builder in this infographic.

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When you pay a professional website design company to build the website of your dreams, what questions of ownership should you be asking yourself?

Surely after paying a professional to build your website you now have the keys to it?

You may be surprised that this is not the case, and several legalities of ownership exist beneath the design surface.

We share this infographic that discusses the legalities of website ownership after production.

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Are you stuck in a digital maze attempting to figure out what all these new web design terms mean?

Perhaps you find yourself learning web design lexicon and immediately forgetting it when you need it most.

If you find yourself nodding to all of this, and realise you need a bit of a hand, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this infographic you can find out more information about a few of these terms that you may have come across on your learning journey.

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Here you’ll find a few infographics we have created to help you during the website design and build process.

Are you trying to work out the best colour for your digital presence?

There’s more to colours than making your website looking nice. The psychology of colour is an often overlooked aspect of modern website design. You can achieve great things when you make the most out of colour.

To help you do that, we’ve created an all-in-one infographic to demonstrate how colour can bring a transformation to your brand.

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Hate may be a strong word, but when it comes to having a successful website, there’s a fine line between someone loving and hating it.

And this decision is quickly made by visitors whose first impressions are confirmed within milliseconds of reaching your landing page.

What features do you think will quickly land you in the bad books of your visitors?

Take a look at our infographic for some advice to make sure your website stays ahead of the game.

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Are you struggling to bring your website into the twenty-first century?

Still convinced of the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ mantra?

Outdated features make your website fit for the archives, and visitors will immediately sense an old website when they see one. Don’t let it be yours.

We’ve made this handy infographic of website features to avoid so that your website is fit for the future.

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Amazing websites are amazing due in large part because they are trustworthy.

You feel safe navigating across the pages, and may not even think twice about entering any sort of personal information. This is what makes you return to them time and time again.

How can you ensure your website is trustworthy?

We’ve made an infographic to help you build a website that people will come to know and love.

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Here you’ll find a few infographics we have created to help you create website content your visitors will love.

When it comes to establishing your digital presence, thinking about what pages you will need to have can often seem like a large task.

Making a big impact in 10 pages (or less) will require individual pages that are as unique, purposeful, and engaging as your brand itself.

But what pages should a website have? In this infographic we discuss the best that will get you ahead.

Have a read below to find out more about what makes some of these pages so special – and effective – for an online presence that wows.

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Creating copy means getting the word out.

Capturing the attention and interest of your key target audiences is becoming more difficult; with creative copy you can cut through the noise. Better than ever.

What are the ingredients for amazing copy, and why is good copy important for you and your website?

And how can you use the best copywriting techniques to curate a presence that has impact?

We’ve made an all-in-one infographic to help ensure your copywriting works for you. And more.

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Do you need high-quality, relevant images to round off your website?

For many people who have just begun their website journey, being able to access and use images can sometimes be more complex than they imagined.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are countless free stock photo websites out there available for you to use, meaning you get to say more of what you need to with less damage to your budget.

We share 12 amazing free stock photo sites to help you get the most out of your website in this infographic.

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Video allows you to say more for less. Accessing a database of free video – landscapes, people, places, and things – you’ll be able to diversify your content completely.

They’ll also make your whole web presence even more valuable for customers, making your brand one to watch out for.

There are so many to choose from, with even more benefits for you.

Ready? Take a look at our infographic for the 10 best free stock video websites to help get you started.

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Here you’ll find a few infographics we have created to help you analyse and improve website performance.

A conversion happens when a customer fulfils a desired action. It could be a purchase, it could be signing up to your newsletter. It could be submitting a contact form.

Visitors convert when they find value in that process and find value in the outcome.

That means ensuring your website not only brings great value to customers, but also makes those important conversion processes as quick, simple, and enticing as possible.

Ready to make some changes? Our infographic is here to help you do just that.

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Are you finding that your website is receiving a lot of traffic but very few conversions? With a lot of competition comes a lot of noise. And this means customers have more choice than ever.

The key to this is playing to your unique selling points, and demonstrating how you can add value.

Thankfully, there are so many tools available that can transform your relationships with customers and improve your conversion rates.

Our infographic shares 14 amazing tools that will help you convert those visitors into paying customers.

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Are you looking for a handy, all-in-one checklist to make sure your site is the best it can be before visitors start to use it?

With most of the hard work finalised, your website is coming together nicely. The design team have done their bit, but now it’s up to you to give it the final nod of approval.

First things first, you’ll need to go over some important things.

Here you can find our infographic to help you tick off those boxes.

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Google Analytics is arguably the most powerful analytics software that’s freely available to use.

It allows you to track and analyse how people are using your website. You can see what pages are viewed the most, how people found your website, and where they go next.

It’s widely popular not only because it’s free, but because of how easy it is to use.

We’ve created an infographic to introduce you to the analytics tool you never knew you needed.

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Here you’ll find a few infographics we have created to help your website rank higher on Google.

We all have to start from somewhere. And that’s the same for learning to ride a bike as it is for mastering digital marketing techniques.

The world of SEO can be a complex one – especially if you’re just getting started.

Done right, however, your website will benefit from greater ranking and stronger leads.  A great way to get yourself off to a good start is by learning form the best to be the best.

In our all-in-one infographic we give you the leading authorities in the industry to make your learning path that little bit less stressful.

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To get off the ground with an excellent SEO strategy, you need the right kind of tools to help you do the job properly.

Understanding your audience’s relationship with you on the internet – as well as uncovering how you can solidify your authority – can bring rapid results when it comes to getting seen.

If you’ve got a specific goal in mind, but not sure what metric, tools, and software can help, you’ve come to the right place.

Our infographic shares 25 free SEO tools to help people find what you have to offer.

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Is your website suffering from outdated techniques that are preventing it from search engine success?

The world of digital marketing moves quickly, and search engine optimisation techniques are rapidly evolving.

Staying on top of what works – and ditching what doesn’t – will mean your marketing strategies stay relevant.

With our infographic you can learn more about what outdated tactics are holding you back and making your website work harder for traffic.

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Are you looking to improve your SEO strategy to bring more of what you have to your audiences?

Do you want to ensure your content gets into Google’s good books?

Perhaps you’re finding you’ve done everything you can, but you’re just not reaching those visitors as you’d expect.

Optimising your site for success means having SEO that’s the best it can be. And that’s where we come in.

Our infographic checklist has everything you need to guide you to website success.

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